Learning how to go camping with a baby is easier than you think! This blog post will teach you all the basics of camping with your little one, from organizing gear to getting them used to being outdoors.

Your bundle of joy will spend time outside getting a feel for nature, and along the way they could experience sunburn, insect bites, and similar matters. Time spent outdoors with your baby is supposed to be positive, enjoyable, and uplifting.

Even a few minutes spent outdoors does good things for the body, mind and soul. We’ve outlined some general recommendations for outdoor play and include safe outdoor games you and your baby can try. 
It’s summer, which means lots of time spent outdoors, playing and enjoying the beautiful warm weather. However, all that time spent outside often means your kids will have more exposure to bugs, and all the frustrating and painful bites and stings that come along with them!
Moving in general is stressful. Moving with a tiny human adds at least three times more stress. Come up with something to tell people if you don't want to get deep into explaining yourself. 
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