KeaParent Feature: Chrissy
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KeaParent Feature: Chrissy

"Appreciate every minute with your Little One! They are only small for so long and constantly changing!"

Today, we're featuring one of the mommies in our KeaCommunity, Chrissy!

Name: Chrissy

Short introduction of yourself

I’m a 31 year old first time mom married to her college sweetheart.

What you love about KeaBabies and which product would you recommend for other parents to have?

I love the reasonable price and great quality of all KeaBabies products but I must say my favorite is the Baby Wrap Carrier.

Share 1 amazing tip about parenthood

Emotional: Appreciate every minute with your Little One! They are only small for so long and constantly changing! Practical: If your little one doesn’t like to sleep in the bassinet/crib, try a heating pad to make it warm and cuddly!

Any challenges throughout parenthood and how you overcome it?

When my son was born, my husband and I were concerned he wasn’t getting enough milk from my breast. We saw not one but two lactation consultants in the hospital and made a follow up appointment. All of the advice just wasn’t clicking for us, but we stuck through it and made back the weight that was lost in the hospital! Because we began seeing a consultant right away, we discovered and started working through our son’s tongue tie right away! We were able to fix it early, avoiding potential future speech and eating problems through both procedure and PT!

Best part about parenthood?

Getting to know my son more and more each day and seeing him discover the world.


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