Ideas For Adorable Fall Pregnancy Announcements
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Ideas For Adorable Fall Pregnancy Announcements

Did you recently find out you're expecting? Trying to figure out the perfect way to announce your pregnancy this fall? Check out these adorable fall-themed pregnancy announcements that are sure to delight your family and friends.

If you've recently found out you are expecting, you might already be planning the perfect way to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family. Although some couples choose to keep the pregnancy under wraps for as long as possible, many couples enjoy coming up with a unique way to share the good news with the world on social media! If you're looking for a cute, fun way to announce your big news this fall, check out this list of great fall pregnancy announcement ideas.

Whether you want to announce your pregnancy with a formal photoshoot, a fun or silly caption, or a Halloween or Thanksgiving-themed picture, check out these cute ideas for fall pregnancy announcements.

Share your exciting news with family and friends with one of these adorable ideas:

1. "Adding a little pumpkin to our patch" 

pregnant couple holding a baby pumpkin

With a nod to Halloween festivities and visiting a pumpkin patch, announce your pregnancy with a picture of a group of pumpkins, with the last one being noticeably smaller than the others to symbolize the new baby. Or, tape an ultrasound photo over a pumpkin to share the news. Add a sweet caption such as "adding a new member to our pumpkin patch" or "anxiously awaiting our sweet little pumpkin."

2. An apple orchard announcement

Fall is a time of year when apple picking is a popular outing for families! Take your spouse (and kids) out apple picking, and get some cute snapshots together under the trees of the apple orchard. Bring an announcement sign, hold up a special onesie, or have your spouse or kids kiss your belly to show that you are expecting a baby. A picture of mom and dad embracing, or the kids holding up an ultrasound photo, can be a great way to incorporate apple picking into your big news.

3. A fall-themed flat lay 

fall autumn baby outfit flatlay

Flat lay photos are an easy way to announce your pregnancy, without involving photos of yourself, your spouse, or your other children. A flat lay photo is exactly as it sounds - take a bunch of fall-themed objects, baby-related items, and possibly a letter board, and assemble them in a pretty way on the ground and take the photo from above. Flat lay photos are beautiful ways to announce your pregnancy on social media.

If you don't feel like creating your own, there are many flat lay templates available for purchase on websites like Etsy. You just purchase the editable file for the photo, fill in your personal information, and you've got a beautiful picture to share with friends and family!

Ideas for items that might be fun in a fall-themed flat lay are: fabric pumpkins, garland, letter boards, swaddle blankets in fall colors, a small chalkboard, pumpkin seeds, an ultrasound photo, Halloween-themed decor, apples, baby shoes, a onesie, faux fall flowers, colorful leaves, and wooden blocks.

You can even use one of KeaBabies' newest products, the Heartfelt Picture Frame with Felt Letterboard, for a beautiful flatlay photo. All you need is two of your baby's ultrasound pictures, and then come up with a cute caption to write on the letter board portion such as "You are so loved" or "Fall(ing) in love."

4. Use a pumpkin patch as a backdrop. 

couple holding hands pumpkin patch

Fall is the perfect time to visit a pumpkin patch, so why not include that in your announcement? Hold up a pumpkin to your belly, set up a group of pumpkins to represent each member of the family, or joke around about how the baby will grow to the size of a pumpkin or that you possibly ate one too many pumpkin seeds.

A pumpkin patch makes an adorable backdrop for a sweet baby announcement, and a simple idea to share the big news with friends and family.

5. Use a balloon as a baby announcement.

With colorful fall foliage or rows of pumpkins as a background, take a photo with a special balloon to use as your baby announcement. You can buy scripted word "baby" balloons, tape an ultrasound photo to a balloon, or write your due date on a large balloon, and take some cute family photos. Balloons make super fun pregnancy announcements!

6. Little pumpkin and big pumpkin.

If you're announcing around Halloween, try finding a little pumpkin, and carve a space in a big pumpkin to put it inside. Let the big pumpkin make your big news obvious! Using pumpkins is a sweet way to announce a new baby during the fall months.

7. "Fall" in love. 

beautiful pregnant woman autumn

A play on words using the term "fall" can make an adorable caption for a pregnancy announcement. Tell the world that you are about to "fall" in love with a new member of the family - your sweet little baby!

8. Celebrate the season of thanksgiving.

If you're expecting a new baby, you've got something special to be thankful for during this season. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for pregnancy announcements - after all, families have a lot to be grateful for as they celebrate the upcoming arrival of their new baby.

Better yet - if your family is gathering together for a big Thanksgiving meal, consider sharing the big news during the holiday celebration! What better way to celebrate the exciting time in your life than to share the special news with those you love?

9. Our next adventure.

Some of the best pregnancy announcement ideas have to do with a sense of adventure. Celebrate your newest blessing by taking an adventure-themed maternity picture in front of a car, camper, or van in a unique location and caption it "Looking forward to our next adventure" or "Our biggest adventure yet."

Incorporate your fall pregnancy style by taking pictures with your spouse walking along a hiking trail filled with fall leaves, walking along the beach at sunset, or holding up an ultrasound photo in the middle of an orchard or farm. An adventure-filled pregnancy announcement makes for a cute fall theme.

10. Get out those boots for a fall pregnancy announcement. 

Little Blue Baby Boy Shoes

Is it boots season yet? Get those stylish fall boots out of the back of the closet, grab a pair of your spouse's shoes, and buy some little baby boots to line up for a sweet fall pregnancy announcement photo!

There is nothing cuter than tiny baby shoes. For a simple yet adorable fall pregnancy announcement, line up the three pairs of shoes and post to your social media accounts to surprise your family and friends.

11. "Oh my gourd!"

Share the exciting, yet surprising news of your pregnancy with a cute fall photo captioned "Oh my gourd, we're expecting a baby!" Fall is a time filled with pumpkins, squashes, and gourds. This sweet and silly pregnancy announcement idea is simple to create with some fall gourds you can buy at a pumpkin patch or at a local grocery store this time of year.

12. You are my sunshine.

One of the most beautiful fall pregnancy announcement ideas is to take a family photo in the middle of a sunflower field. Celebrate the pregnancy by holding up an ultrasound photo or a letter board that has the baby's due date written on it. Caption it "You are my sunshine" and share to social media.

13. What's brewing?

old cauldron scary prop for halloween used by witches to make brew, potions and poisons

Celebrate your fall pregnancy and all things spooky by dressing up like a witch and taking a photo with a cauldron or large bucket. When you share on your social media, caption it "A baby is brewing - coming (due date)!"

14. Trick or treat? Just treats!

Many fall pregnancy announcements incorporate Halloween to some extent. Caption a trick-or-treating themed photo "All treats, no tricks this year! A baby is coming (due date)!"

15. A baby announcement with an ultrasound photo. 

pregnant woman holding a sonogram

If you have some ultrasound photos from early in the pregnancy, simply lay them next to a pile of pumpkins, and write "Coming in (due date year)" on one of the pumpkins. The best fall pregnancy announcement ideas use pumpkins to commemorate the season.

Celebrate your fall pregnancy by using one of these cute pregnancy announcement ideas.

The most eye-catching, sweet pregnancy announcement ideas line up with the season or holidays. Commemorate your fall pregnancy news by sharing a fun, adorable fall-themed photo as you announce your pregnancy to your friends and family on social media. 

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