Holiday Gift Guide for Moms
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Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

The holiday season has begun, and it's time to give each other gifts. Check out this list of the best Christmas gifts for mom - you can't go wrong with these items, from simple to unique!

The holidays are just around the corner - and that means lots of shopping! If you're a mom looking for the perfect gift for another mama, or you're shopping for a first-time mom, check out this list of amazing finds to surprise those you love this holiday season!

Looking for a great gift for mom? Take a look at these categories full of amazing ideas at all different price points.

Gifts for moms that just gave birth: 

Young Mother Carrying Adorable Sleeping Baby

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for a brand-new mom can be challenging. She's probably stocked full of baby clothes, diapers, and wipes from her baby shower, and her baby is too young to enjoy playing with toys, so it can be tricky to narrow down what exactly she'd appreciate.

Postpartum recovery essentials. 

Close up of Woman touching belly skin with stretch marks

For a mom that's just given birth, postpartum healing is probably at the forefront of her mind. Why not spoil her with some helpful postpartum items? Any new mom will love a friend that cares about her health and well-being!

The KeaBabies Revive 3-In-1 Postpartum Recovery Support Belt comes in multiple colors and is ergonomically designed for optimal postpartum healing. The stomach belt prevents sagging and reduces swelling, the waist belt supports the lower back for breastfeeding, and the pelvic belt helps return the hips to their pre-pregnancy position. It is comfortable, breathable, and machine washable, and is available in many different colors and sizes.

The KeaBabies Soothe Nursing Pads are an amazing gift for breastfeeding moms. These reusable, natural nursing pads fit in the bra and help prevent leakage. They come in a gift set of 7 pairs, one for each day of the week! They are also machine washable and dryer friendly.

Postpartum self-care.

Self-care can easily go out the window when you're spending every minute of every day caring for the needs of a newborn baby. All moms deserve to be spoiled! She'll love a comfy robe, a new pair of slippers, a cute new stainless steel water bottle, a sweet picture frame (like the KeaBabies Heartfelt Picture Frame), or a tea or coffee set. 

KeaBabies Heartfelt Keepsake Frame

A unique gift for the baby.

Every new mom loves to spoil her baby, so gift her with something unique for her precious new addition. Get her a luxurious sleep sack, a stylish new outfit set, a pack of cute accessories, or a set of bottles or pacifiers. Homemade gifts are even more special - she'll never forget the sweet gesture of a hand-knit baby hat, a personalized baby blanket, or another type of homemade gift.

The KeaBabies Soothe Swaddle Wraps make the perfect gift for a newborn. These soft, breathable swaddles are made from organic cotton and come in a variety of patterns. It is super easy to swaddle a baby in these wraps, and they come in a sustainable gift box!

Gifts for moms who need pampering: 

Beautiful Young African American Woman Isolated Background Hugging Oneself Happy

One of the best Christmas gifts for a mom is something that makes her feel pampered. Self-care is so hard to come by as a parent of young kids, but everyone deserves to be pampered!

Consider buying her a super plush robe or blanket. Wintertime can mean months of cold weather, so why not give her something she can wrap herself in while she enjoys a hot cup of coffee and her favorite tv shows?

Another gift she'll appreciate is a subscription box or service. If she loves to cook, consider gift her a subscription to monthly produce deliveries, meal kit services, or seasonal cooking classes. If she enjoys reading but can't find enough time to sit down and read a book, get her a subscription to her favorite magazine. There are so many subscription boxes to choose from, for everything from workout gear, to wine, to makeup, to clothes, to food, to coffee, to home decor. Any of these would make an excellent gift! 

Christmas gift of two KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carriers in separate pouches inside a diaper caddy

You can also create a customized DIY spa day basket and fill it with pampering must-haves like sugar scrubs, a face mask, nail polish, false eyelashes, tanning lotion, lip balm, a silk pillowcase, a hair mask, a scented candle, massage oil or essential oils, and soft, cozy slippers.

Gifts for a mom who loves to be on the go:

The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier is the perfect Christmas gift for a mom who is always on the go. Great for both home use and outings, this soft, breathable baby wrap is perfect for long periods of babywearing. The wrap helps distribute a baby's weight so that there isn't any added pressure on a mother's back and shoulders. Her baby will stay cozy and peaceful as she nestles close to mom's body. The wrap helps keep the baby warm during cold winter months, but is lightweight enough be worn during the summer. The Baby Wrap Carrier comes in a gift box and contains a travel pouch as well. 

Mother with infant in a black KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

Another great gift for moms on the go is the KeaBabies Baby Food Storage Glass Containers. These jars come in sets of 12 and are perfect for making, storing, and traveling with baby food. These jars can easily fit in a diaper bag and can be reheated in the microwave or in warm water. They are leakproof and fit well into any mom's diaper bag for on-the-go mealtimes.

For a mom who loves to be out and about, consider getting her a great lightweight umbrella stroller. These can easily fit in the trunk for quick errands, traveling, or short walks. If price isn't a factor, consider gifting her with a jogging stroller or a great stroller wagon.

Every mom needs a great purse or wallet to take along on outings. From belt bags to backpacks and everything in between, any mom would appreciate the gift of a new purse!

One of the best Christmas gifts for a mom on the go is a phone stand or charging port. She'll appreciate this gift that will help her keep her phone battery charged at all times while she's out and about. For a mom who's always out on some adventure, a portable charger or car phone stand can be a useful, special gift.

Gifts she'll never think of for herself: 

A baby's photograph at the center of KeaBabies Duo Keepsake Frame with handprint and footprint on the sides

Moms have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for themselves. Surprise that special mom in your life with a sweet gift she'd never buy for herself!

Here are some unique Christmas gifts that are perfect for any mom:

  • A personalized family picture frame or keepsake frame

    Check out this one from KeaBabies (be sure to check out the KeaBabies website to score a great deal on holiday gifts). Now is a great time to get a good discount on gifts from KeaBabies!

  • A family photography session

    You'll be sure to make any mom's day with a family photography session. Mothers are usually the ones taking the photos, so photography sessions are the perfect gift for a mom who is rarely in front of the camera.

  • A "mama" necklace or a necklace with her kids' birthstones

    Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for moms, and is often something they rarely buy for themselves! The holidays are the perfect time to find a great deal on jewelry items, or if price is not a factor, consider getting mom a high-quality gold necklace, pendant, or bracelet.

  • A garden kit for the mom with a green thumb

    With all the stressors of everyday life, moms can enjoy the tranquility of gardening. Buy her a pack of seeds for her favorite flower, give her a pair of new gardening gloves, or buy her a gardening set that features everything she needs to start a new hobby.

  • Coffee imported from her favorite travel destinations 

Fresh aromatic coffee in vintage packaging

Moms function on very little sleep, making coffee a necessity. Don't just get her any coffee - gift her a bag of coffee beans from her favorite shop, or buy imported coffee from amazing destinations all over the world.

  • Any of these cool novelty gifts 

    Unique items like wine glasses, tea kits, scarves, snack bowls, puzzles, a beautiful scented candle, aromatherapy items, and more.

  • A wine club membership

Wine bottles on the wooden shelf.

Search for lists of the best wine clubs for 2022, many of which are offering sales and limited offer for membership packages.

  • A luxurious, warm robe and pair of memory foam slippers

    Help her stay warm and snug with a robe and slipper set that she can wear all winter! You may find a cozy robe from Target, choose something a snug, long-sleeved robe made of soft heavyweight fabric, with pockets, 'cause who doesn't love pockets!

  • A set of sugar scrub or bath salts

    Sugar scrub and bath salts make great presents for a mom who needs more time for relaxation. A DIY sugar scrub kit from includes everything she'll need to create custom scrubs. A variety of sugar scrubs, face scrubs, lip products, and shave oils make excellent gifts.

  • An assortment of skincare routine items

Include cleanser, moisturizer, serum, a face mask, bath scrubs, and soft wash cloths. The KeaBabies Deluxe Baby Washcloths are a great addition to any mama's skincare routine, even though they're made for babies! These washcloths are made of plush terry knitted fabric and are perfect for gentle exfoliation.

 Gifts for moms who love personalized things: 

Personalized items make great gifts for moms during the holiday season. Customized gifts are heartfelt and sentimental, and anyone would appreciate this special gesture!

Get mom a cozy new blanket or set of soft towels with her initials monogrammed on it. Buy her a candle with scents reminiscent of a special vacation or a dish she likes to cook. Get her a bottle of wine from her favorite winery. Buy her a wine glass or glass coffee mug etched with a cute saying or her name. Gift her a gold necklace with her kids' initials or birthstones on it. Buy her a gift card to her favorite restaurant or store that she has a hard time treating herself to. Give her a box of assorted tea and a new mug with her initial on it. The opportunities are endless!

There are many companies that will customize a glass mug, wine glass, or glass ornament. These gifts vary in price, but are a beautiful gift for a mom that enjoys unique, personalized decor.

Any mom will love a handmade gift, such as a scarf, a candle, a piece of jewelry, or a cookie recipe. Some of the best and simplest gift ideas are ones that you can make yourself!

From classic to unique, all moms deserve to be celebrated with amazing gifts this holiday season. 

Gifts from family and friends make the holidays special for moms. While mothers are often in charge of gift planning and gift giving, it's equally important for her to receive some special gifts too! From self-care, to wine, to books, to cozy blankets, to a craft or garden kit, to personalized items, moms will love any gifts they receive. 

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