Diaper Bag Backpacks: Do You Need One?
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Diaper Bag Backpacks: Do You Need One?

Out with the old, in with the new. The next generation of parents are choosing to go hands-free by tossing the traditional, cross-body diaper bag a...

Out with the old, in with the new. The next generation of parents are choosing to go hands-free by tossing the traditional, cross-body diaper bag and opting for a backpack-style diaper bag.

Backpack diaper bags, such as the KeaBabies Diaper Backpack, are trending among new parents because they offer so much more than a traditional diaper bag. The original diaper bags can sit heavy on a parent’s shoulders, can cause neck pain, and often swing around too much for a parent to be able to multitask with their hands. Backpack diaper bags present a solution to aches and pains caused by traditional bags by allowing parents and caregivers to go hands-free and taking the pressure off of their necks and shoulders.


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If backpacks are the way to go, one might ask, “Why to buy a diaper bag backpack when I can just use a regular (and sometimes cheaper) backpack?”

The answer lies in the details.

While regular backpacks might be a cost-effective alternative to a diaper bag, they usually don’t come with as many features as backpacks that are specifically designed for parents.

Here are some of the ways backpack-style diaper bags are a better option for parents than regular backpacks.

Backpack Diaper Bag

Traditional Backpack

Very spacious

Too small/not expandable

Insulated compartments for bottles

Not designed for insulation

Built for comfort

Often flimsy, uncomfortable

Perfect for moms or dads

Often marketed toward one gender


Usually not designed for multiple uses


best backpack diaper bag

Let’s explore further why backpack diaper bags are more beneficial than regular backpacks.

1. Very roomy

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Diaper bag backpacks open up to have a ton of space in the main compartment! There is plenty of room for larger items such as toys, receiving blankets, nursing covers, multiple outfits, and even carriers such as the KeaBabies Wrap Carrier. Traditional backpacks usually don’t unzip to have as much space as backpacks designed to be used as diaper bags because they are used for more slender items such as books, folders, and laptops. Backpack diaper bags are designed for parents who need to have a lot of oddly-shaped baby items with them at all times!

2. Insulated compartments

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One of the biggest differences between a backpack diaper bag and a regular backpack is the inclusion of insulated pockets and compartments. These areas are designed for transporting items that need to remain at a certain temperature, such as bottles of formula, breast milk, or baby food. Most backpacks do not come with insulated compartments and therefore would not be as useful for toting around baby’s foods – you would need to purchase an additional insulated pouch or container.

3. Comfortable

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Backpack diaper bags are designed with a parent’s comfort in mind. While not everyone needs to carry around a backpack on a regular basis, all parents need some kind of bag to transport their children’s things when they are on the go. Backpack diaper bags are very comfortable because unlike traditional diaper bags, they have straps that take the pressure off the caregiver’s neck and shoulders. The even distribution of weight makes a backpack diaper bag an excellent choice. The best bags have extra padding in the straps and in the back. Because they are specifically designed to transport many items, diaper bag backpacks are oftentimes more comfortable to wear than regular backpacks.

4. Can be used by moms and dads

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Backpack diaper bags are more fashionable for both moms and dads than traditional, feminine-looking diaper bags. Diaper bag backpacks come in a variety of colors to suit your individual preferences. Muted colors such as gray, navy, and black make a diaper bag backpack appear gender-neutral. While some dads would hesitate to carry around a typical diaper bag, backpack style diaper bags look great on both men and women! While many regular backpacks market their bags to either men or women, depending on the color, shape, and pattern of the fabric, backpack diaper bags are usually created for a more unisex style.

5. Adaptable for many purposes

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While regular backpacks are designed for one specific purpose, backpack diaper bags are suitable for many situations. Backpack diaper bags can even be used for multiple children – perfect for moms that juggle newborns and toddlers at the same time! The spacious interior can hold a number of different things, depending on the age of the child or children. A parent of a newborn can use a backpack diaper bag to store lots of diapers, multiple burp cloths and receiving blankets, a nursing cover, and bottles, while a parent of a toddler can use the bag to store a change of clothes, snacks, art supplies, and toys.

Backpack diaper bags are great because their versatility allows them to be used in a number of situations. They are a perfect solution to travel with a baby because they are small enough to be used as a carry-on and stored under the seat in front of you on an airplane. They are simple to throw in the car and can fit between seats during a road trip. They can be taken on short trips to the grocery store, visits to the park, and to longer outings such as daycare or a vacation.

Unlike regular backpacks, diaper bag backpacks are designed to grow with your child and suit their ever-changing needs.

Still wondering why backpack diaper bags are a better purchase than a regular backpack? Consider the cost! The KeaBabies Diaper Backpack is very affordable compared to other backpacks with similar features!

All new parents should consider adding a diaper bag backpack to their baby registry – they’re a much better solution to a parent’s needs than a regular backpack.


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