5 Reasons to Love KeaBabies Comfy Nursing Pads, from a Certified Lactation Counselor
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5 Reasons to Love KeaBabies Comfy Nursing Pads, from a Certified Lactation Counselor

Even though it’s “par for the course”, leaking breasts can be an inconvenience. For many breastfeeding moms, good, quality nursing pads can be a lifesaver!

For many moms, good, quality nursing pads can be a lifesaver! Especially in the early weeks of breastfeeding, leaking breasts can be an indicator that you are lactating properly. Breasts may leak merely because they are full, or due to the letdown reflex. Here’s how that works:

The body begins to recognize stimuli such as hearing a baby cry, to prompt the body to release oxytocin. This hormone makes the milk-making lobes of your breasts contract and eject milk toward the nipple. If your baby isn't nursing at that moment, the milk will still leak.  

breastfeeding mother

Some nursing moms leak only during the first few weeks, whereas others might leak until they fully wean. Others even begin leaking in the later weeks of pregnancy. 

Even though it’s “par for the course”, leaking breasts can be an inconvenience… If you’re a breastfeeding mom, I’m sure you know. You’re out and about and sure enough, your shirt is suddenly drenched in milk. This is where KeaBabies comes in!

Here's why the KeaBabies Comfy Nursing Pads are a Must-Have!

  • Ultra-soft organic bamboo, which makes them suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and safe for baby to latch on, anytime anywhere. Natural bamboo reduces the smell of leftover milk, keeping you fresh all day!

  • Made of 4 ultra-soft layers of soft bamboo for maximum absorption and comfort. KeaBabies Comfy Nursing Pads are made of organic bamboo material for maximum comfort, this layer touches the skin and is suitable even for those with sensitive skin, making it your softest breastfeeding companion. The two inner layers are made of absorbent microfiber and the waterproof outer layer keeps your clothes dry and clean. 

Comfy Nursing Pads 4 layers of comfort and protection
  • Perfect for heavy leakage! Thanks to these ever-reliable breast pads, embarrassing moments from leakage for oversupplying mommies will be a thing of the past. Suitable for both day and night, you won't have to be worried about breast milk staining your clothes.

  • Hand wash or machine washable for daily use with a complimentary wash bag included. KeaBabies Comfy Nursing Pads are reusable and sustainable; you can always be sure that you are feeding your baby in an eco-friendly way while taking care of yourself. You also save a lot of money compared to using disposable breast pads. Simply machine wash in cold in the provided wash bag and hang to air dry. These breast pads come in packs of 14 so you don't have to do the laundry frequently. The minimal effort to keep these nursing pads clean and fresh is all worth it.

  • Contoured to fit perfectly, and comes in 3 sizes so you can make sure you have the perfect amount of coverage!  They also come in a range of colors to match your preference, from soft white, pastel touch, and midnight black. 


KeaBabies Comfy Nursing Pads

These are a MUST have for mom life! Skip the disposable nursing pads, & never leak through your bra again, with KeaBabies

Becca Martin, CLC

Meet Becca, a Certified Lactation Counselor

Hi, I'm Becca! While I was pregnant with my first son, I had high hopes to be able to nurse him and did "all the things" to prepare. I quickly realized that, despite my efforts, I felt severely unprepared and unsupported in the reality I encountered (especially with birth/postpartum during COVID). I then decided that someone needed to give mamas realistic resources and knowledge to cling to throughout their breastfeeding journey... so I pursued my lactation counselor certification and never looked back! I started Bloom Lactation Counseling in order to help mamas navigate the up’s and downs of breastfeeding. I’m currently providing virtual lactation consults, as well as in-home visits in Hampton Roads, Virginia. When I’m not helping mamas, you can find me at the beach, or outside spending time with my husband, son, and 2 dachshunds!

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