20 Mama Mantras to Live By
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20 Mama Mantras to Live By

Being a parent is not easy! Many moms struggle with self-worth and self-confidence. Here are 20 positive affirmations that can help any mom.

Being a parent is not easy! The years fly by, but the days can drag on, especially if you’re finding yourself stuck in a mundane routine. Many moms struggle with self-worth and self-confidence. The societal pressure to do it all can feel overwhelming.

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Furthermore, the line between “self care” and normal personal time is becoming increasingly blurred as moms strive to care for both themselves and their children without feeling guilty. If you are having a bad day, a rough week, or if you’re finding yourself having negative thoughts through motherhood, try reciting or journaling about these mantras daily - and watch how your focus shifts! 

Here are 20 positive affirmations that can help any mom:

1. I am doing well because I am doing the best I can.

Children need to be loved and nurtured.  You can’t be in two places at one time, and you only have two hands. Modern day mothers are expected to be perfect wives, homemakers, and caretakers, but this just isn't realistic. You're doing your best to be a great mom, and that's okay. "I am doing well because I am doing the best I can". - repeat this mom mantra whenever you feel overwhelmed. Just take a break, calm yourself down, and repeat this sentence as many times as you need.

2. I am going to enjoy these days instead of wishing them away. 

The sleepless nights of the newborn phase are rough, the tantrums of toddlers are difficult, the anxiety surrounding school for young children is hard, and the attitude and sarcasm of teenagers are annoying. At the end of the day, there will never be an “easy” phase of motherhood, so enjoy the small moments instead of wishing the days away. Even in the most difficult seasons of life, there are still many beautiful moments to cherish.

Switch from negative to positive thoughts. Remind yourself that each parenting challenge has hope, purpose and meaning.

3. I am the exact person my children need me to be

You already have within you exactly what your children need. Whether it’s patience, compassion, nurturing, silliness, spontaneity, organization, or empathy, your unique qualities make you the perfect caretaker for your kids. 


4. I created and birthed a new life and am a nurturer for my child. 

Even when you feel down and depressed, don’t forget that your body created and birthed a baby. Realize that you are a wonderful being who nurtures and protects her child. You have powerful energy within you to create and inspire, remind yourself that.

5. I will accomplish what I can, and let the rest go. 

There are only 24 hours in a day, and one person can only accomplish so much. If all you did today was keep your children alive, you did a great job. If you happen to feel overwhelmed by your to-do list, prioritize the most important aspects and leave the rest for someone else to help you with. 

The world has many expectations for mothers that can be difficult (if not impossible) to live up to. Practice thanking yourself for the tasks you accomplish.

6. I will embrace the difficult parts of parenthood along with the good. 

Each stage of parenting presents new challenges. You don’t have to fear the next hard thing that’s yet to occur. Embrace the challenges and the changes. Your children might teach you more about yourself than you’ve ever realized. 

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7. I am breaking the negative parenting cycles I grew up with.

Are you a cycle-breaker? Are you raising your children in a home filled with love, respect, boundaries, and support? If so, you are doing an amazing work in your life. You have the power to reject old ways and habits and incorporate positive changes in the way you raise your children. 

8. I can change and improve to be a better parent. 

No matter how long you’ve been a parent, there is always room for improvement. Take time to educate yourself on how to be a better role model for your little ones. You only have one shot at parenting, so put in the effort to make sure you raise your children to become exactly who you want them to be.

9. I am my children’s teacher and guide. 

You are your child’s first and best teacher. Their friends, classmates, coaches, and acquaintances will have an impact on them, but you will always be their number one role model. You serve as the guide to your child’s decisions and behavior. You are one of the most important people in your child’s life. 

10. I can trust my motherly intuition. 


You can trust your instincts. Don’t let guilt or anxiety cripple your ability to make positive, sound decisions for your family. Trust your gut without giving in to negative emotions. If you feel like something is wrong, it probably is. Don't get bogged down with the latest articles and headlines. Your motherly instincts will help guide you and your loved ones to health and happiness.

11. I will not feel guilty for taking care of myself. 

Self-care is important for anyone, especially moms. Mothers should not feel guilty for spending time doing the things they enjoy doing. Taking a bubble bath, curling your hair, putting on makeup, going shopping, working out, reading a magazine, grabbing your favorite coffee, or going on a walk are all ways you can take care of yourself.

Even though you are a mother, you need to keep some sense of who you are as an individual. A happy mom is vital to raising happy children. Having a deeper connection with yourself and what makes you a unique, amazing person will help deepen your connection with others.

12. I will not feel guilty for prioritizing family over housework. 

love today

The dishes can wait. The laundry will get sorted eventually. The refrigerator will be cleaned out someday. The toys will be picked up soon enough. Don’t sacrifice family time for the sake of having a pristine house. Your children don’t care about messiness; they care about your time and attention. 

13. I know that the difficult parts of childhood are just phases.

Certain ages are more challenging than others. Having a newborn means sleepless nights and monotonous days. Toddlers are energetic and stubborn. Preschoolers struggle with breaks in routine. Children in school deal with bullying, homework woes, and peer pressure. Teenagers alternate between loving you one minute and despising you the next minute. As each challenge arises, remind yourself that it’s only temporary! 

14. My children are loved and safe. 

You are the protector of your babies. They have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. You watch over them and protect them from harm. 

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15. Even in hardship, I can always find something to be thankful for.

You are grateful for all that you’ve been given. Even in the dark times, light shines through in your children’s smiles, joy, and laughter. Treasure the good moments. 

16. One day I’ll look back on these days and wish for them back. 

Don’t wish away the days. When your children are grown up, you’ll look back and wish you could turn back time. Childhood is a precious time, so soak up all the happy memories while your babies are small, and your little ones are young. 

17. Tomorrow is a new opportunity for me to do better. 

Parenthood isn’t easy. Some days you will lose your temper, yell too much, forget to pack a child’s lunch, miss a sports game, or get overwhelmed with housework. If you have a rough day, shake it off, and aim to make tomorrow a better one. 

18. I give myself permission to slow down and enjoy the little things. 

Our society praises busyness and rushing from one activity to the next. The days and years pass by quickly, so try to slow down and enjoy the little moments. Spend five minutes per day giving each child your undivided, focused attention. 

19. No matter what society says, I am enough.

You are enough. You don’t need to lose the pregnancy weight immediately, you don’t need to have a spotless house, and you don’t need to have the smartest, best-dressed little ones. You are exactly what they need you to be. Embrace every aspect of who you are. 

20. I am beautiful, just the way I am.

Your body created, birthed, and nourished a new life (or lives). Embrace your mom bod, stretch marks and all.  

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Commit these mama mantras to heart. Write them on a sticky note, jot them down in a journal, print the mantras out and frame them, or create a background featuring them for your phone.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment, breathe and in out slowly and deeply.

Pick one mom mantra to focus on at a time. As you train your mind to focus on the positivity and happy moments, you'll cultivate a better view of yourself.

These mom mantras are simple, grounded, and perfect for any mom looking to improve her view of herself!

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