Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Dr Kea Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr Kea+ K900 Pro

Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Upper Arm Monitor

Made with Advance Optimised Accuracy, DrKea+ K900 Pro Automatic Blood Pressure Upper Arm Monitor is accurate and reliable which makes it the best blood pressure monitor for your family's health.

bp monitor

Normal Blood Pressure: Systolic Blood Pressure: 90-139mmHg | Diastolic Pressure: 60-89mmHg
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): Systolic Blood Pressure: ≥140mmHg | Diastolic Pressure: ≥90mmHg
Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension): Systolic Blood Pressure: ≤90mmHg | Diastolic Pressure: ≤60mmHg
Large Cuff Size: 9" to 17"

    Dr Kea by KeaWorld

    Professional Care Made Easy

    At DrKea, we bring professional healthcare to the comfort of your homes. All our healthcare products go through stringent quality control checks to ensure its accuracy and reliability. Trusted by doctors and physicians.

    Portable BP Monitor

    Compact & Portable

    Lightweight and compact, DrKea+ K900 Pro fits easily inside backpacks, purses, or luggages. Perfect for travelling, and take it with you wherever you go: to work, to the gym or anywhere. Your health fully is monitored while on the go!

    Included: Storage Bag, 2X AA Batteries are included in packaging & Large Cuff 9" - 17"

    accurate bp monitor

    Clinically Accurate

    Tried and tested by doctors and physicians to be clinically accurate.

    Rest for 5 minutes in sitting position before using the bp monitor. Place your elbow on the table and lift your wrist to your heart level. Relax while the bp monitor measures your blood pressure.

    easy to use bp monitor

    Simple To Use

    t's so simple to use, even a child could operate. Simply put it on and press "ON" to start reading. Large LED screen makes it easy to read. 

    bp monitor 90 memory functions

    90 Memory Functions

    Monitor your loved one's health by recalling up to 30 last readings or saving up to 90 readings.

    All readings comes with Date and Time Stamp which makes it super convenient. Heartbeat rate and hypertension indicators are tracked as well!

    The Perfect Blood Pressure Monitor For The Whole Family

    We understand that monitoring blood pressure can sometimes be a hassle for most people, that's why, DrKea Blood Pressure Upper Arm Monitor is made to ensure that taking your blood pressure is as easy and hassle free as possible.

    Clinically tested for its accuracy and reliability with our new and improved 2018 Intelligent Measurement Technology.  

    Featuring simple to large buttons, 90 memory functions, 30 recall readings, date/time stamps and large cuff straps. We made it as user-friendly as possible so that you and your familt members can monitor your health at ease.

    Why DrKea Upper Arm BP Monitor?

    • Large LCD Display & Buttons: See readings clearly, elderly friendly design.
    • Easy To Use: Strap on your upper left arm, ensure that tube is on top of the strap before closing the strap. Press "ON" to start reading. 
    • 90 Memory Function and 30 Recall Functions if you forget to save your readings. 
    • Date and Time Displays
    • World Health Organization (WHO) Classification Indicator: To indicate your blood pressure health levels.
    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • Large Cuff Strap
    • Storage Bag and Batteries Included 
    • Approved: Our BP Monitor is certified and approved. Clinically tested and recommended by Doctors.


    • ACCURATE & RELIABLE - Clinically tested and recommended by doctors and obstetricians for its reliability and accuracy. Durable and long lasting device makes it the perfect health care device for your family.
    • EASY TO USE - Simply press ON button to start measurement. No complicated setups required. Batteries and Storage Bag included.
    • PERFECT FOR TRAVELLING - Our DrKea Upper Arm BP Monitor comes with storage bag, to keep your bp device clean and dust free. Perfect size for your luggage, bring it anywhere, anytime.
    • MONITOR FAMILY’S HEALTH - We made our DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with the whole family in mind. Large screen and colored buttons ensure that it is elderly friendly. Easy memory settings make it hassle free for everyone in the family.
    • STORAGE BAG & BATTERIES INCLUDED - No additional purchases required to set up your DrKea BP Monitor. Comes with a nice storage bag to keep everything nicely without losing it.