Printed Toddler Pillowcase 13X18"

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Nurture Your Child's Growing Development

With KeaBabies Printed Pillowcases For Toddlers and Kids

Your toddler is at an explorative stage of growth where every little thing pique his/her curiosity and fascinates him/her. As a parent, you would want to nurture their curiosity and kickstart their learning journey through their daily routine. Introducing them to their very own lovey toddler pillow with cute printed design is a great way to start!

100% Natural Soft Cotton
OEKO-TEX 100 Standards Certified
Fits 13X18 Toddler Pillows: KeaBabies pillows sold separately.

Sweet Dreams Always

Our mission is to promote strong parent-child bonds worldwide through our brand and quality products. Let's create lots of wonderful moments together with your little ones

Cute, Fun and Creative Learning: Alphamals

Kids love animals! Carefully thought-out and beautifully hand-drawn by our creative team, our Alphamals pillow case is a one of a kind design and printed exclusively by KeaBabies. You can let your child learn more about animal, alphabets, spelling and phonics anytime and anywhere with KeaBabies printed pillowcase.

KeaBabies Tip: Use baby-safe fabric markers and get your child to paint and personalize their very own first toddler pillow. Create a wonderful and memorable lovey and work of art by your little one. It'll be the perfect keepsake in years to come.

100% Natural & Soft Cotton

Young children have delicate and sensitive skin, and sleep is one of the most important functions of a toddler's life, which also takes up most of their time. Keep their face free from irritants by choosing the right type of fabric for their pillow and bed is important.

Our KeaBabies toddler pillowcase is OEKO-TEX 100 Standards Certified to be free from harmful substances. It is soft, breathable and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Give your toddler the best luxury treatment.

KeaBabies Tip: Search for KeaBabies toddler pillows to purchase our 2-pack 13X18 toddler pillow without pillowcase.

Perfect Companion Anywhere

Our KeaBabies pillowcases fits standard size toddler pillow at 13X18 inches, it is the perfect home, school, travel, school and grandparents' place.

KeaBabies Tip: Get a few pillows for different purposes and places, so you do not have to bring the pillow everywhere your child goes.

Envelope Closure

Toddlers will always be throwing their pillows around and we do not want their pillows to be sliding out from the pillowcases all the time. We made our KeaBabies pillowcase to have envelope closure to keep the pillow inside its case securely without falling out. It is easy to change pillowcases too! Each pillowcase comes with a tag to insert your child's name on it.

Wash Care: Machine wash in cold and tumble dry low.

Sleep Through The Night

As parents, you have always wanted your baby to sleep through the night. Prepping your toddler with the right mindset is important. You may introduce your toddler's first pillow with their favorite prints as a ticket to becoming a big boy/girl and encourage them to sleep through the night with it.

KeaBabies Tip: Create a bedtime story adventure for your toddler with the Alphamals characters. Make it a fun and engaging way to encourage learning and confidence.

  • 13X18 TODDLER PILLOWCASE - Made of 100% natural, soft and breathable cotton, our pillowcase is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Fits standard 13 X 18 inch toddler size pillows and comes with envelope closure to prevent pillow from sliding out of the pillow case.
  • CUTE ABC ANIMALS DESIGN - Kids love animals. Let your toddler learn ABC, spelling and phonics in interesting ways, anytime and anywhere. Get your child to paint and personalisze his/her alphamals pillow with baby-safe fabric markers.
  • OEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD CERTIFIED - We use natural white cream cotton pillow shell which is certified by OEKO-TEX 100 Standards and tested to be safe for use, making it the best pillow case for babies, newborns, infants and toddlers. Its is ultra soft and breathable across all seasons.
  • PERFECT FOR ANYWHERE - Each pillow case comes with a tag for your child to put his/her name on it. Perfect for home, school, travel or grandparents’ place. Our pillowcases are machine washable and dryer friendly.
  • PILLOW SOLD SEPARATELY - Each pack comes with one 13X18 toddler pillowcase only. Purchase our KeaBabies toddler pillows separately. Search KeaBabies toddler pillow for more information.