8-Pack Organic Bandana Bibs (Coastline)

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Coastline Bib

The Stylish Bandana Bibs: Coastline

Loved By All Parents 

At KeaBabies, we understand the importance of ensuring that your baby is happy and well taken care of. The constant drooling and milk spit-ups may cause itchy rashes for your baby.

That is why we designed our Bandana Bibs to be extra-absorbent, easy to put on and comfortable to wear for your baby. Our Drool Bib can last you ONE WHOLE DAY without needing any change of clothes. Your baby will feel clean and dry all day long.


The Stylish Bandana Bibs: Coastline Loved By All Parents


Nickel-Free Adjustable Snaps
Stylish Designed Soft Organic Cotton
Ultra Soft and Absorbent Premium Fleece

    baby drool bibs

    Create Wonderful Moments Together

    Our mission is to inspire modern parents to build strong parent-child bonds and create wonderful moments together. We believe that through strong parent-child bonds, parents can create a loving & inspiring environment to nurture their child's full potential.



    Made to Love

    All KeaBabies Bandana Bibs designs are specially handpicked and crafted by our senior stylists. The thoughtful designs are modern and easy to match with any daily outfits without hassle.

    Make your baby’s outfit a fashion statement effortlessly.

    Make your baby’s outfit a fashion statement effortlessly.

    Made to Last

    Made with premium organic cotton, backed with ultra absorbent plushy fleece and intricate stitchings, give your baby the ultimate luxury.

    Wash Care: Machine wash in cold and tumble dry low. Use just 1 KeaBabies Bib a day! No extra laundry.

    Make your baby’s outfit a fashion statement effortlessly.

    Made with Love

    At KeaBabies, we pay attention to even the smallest details in all our products. Likewise, no details were compromised when it came to making our KeaBabies Bandana Bibs. From the fabric selection, shape and size of the bibs, intricate stitching designs, adjustable snap closures and the packaging design. Every single detail is thoughtfully designed to bring to you only the best.

    Make your baby’s outfit a fashion statement effortlessly.

    Made for Your Baby

    Our Bandana Bibs are so soft and plushy to wear that your baby will not mind wearing it all day long. Soft edges ensure that your baby does not feel scratchy or itchy while having the bib on.

    No more pulling and tugging of the bibs, even for fussy toddlers.

    • 8-Pack Stylish & Cute Bandana Bibs - Specially handpicked versatile and unisex designs ensure that your baby never runs out of styling options. Neutral colors make clothing coordination easier and fuss-free for parents! Adding more fun to your baby’s OOTD, allows him or her to drool in style!
    • Super Absorbent - Our stylish Baby Bandana Bibs feature a dual-layered design with 100% soft organic cotton for maximum absorption capacity and backed with soft polyester fleece for added protection. Keep your drooling and teething baby dry and fresh all day long. No more wet clothes! Simply machine wash and tumble dry low for daily use, making the bibs a practical solution for busy mommies and daddies!
    • Soft Fabric For 100% Comfort - Our KeaBabies Bandana Bibs are made with high-quality stitching and ultra-soft premium fabric to ensure that your baby stays comfortable in their baby bibs all day long without fussing and crying. There is no scratchy material to cause skin rashes.
    • 3 Sizes Adjustable Snaps - With 2 sets of easily fastened nickel free snaps, you can adjust the Bandana Bibs to fit your baby’s neck for added comfort. The secure snaps stand up to the baby’s tugging and pulling. Suitable for newborn babies up to 36 months.
    • Perfect Baby Shower Gift - All parents love cute and useful gifts. Our bib set comes with a cute printed gift box, making it the perfect baby gift for all new parents.