2-Pack Prep Silicone Bibs (Terracotta)

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    Made with ultra-lightweight,  food grade silicone, these silicone bibs are the perfect food catcher for your toddler. The adjustable 3-button neckband keeps the silicone bib secured and prevents your baby from pulling it off. Suitable from 6 to 36 months. 

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2-Pack Prep Silicone Bibs (Terracotta)

  • TerracottaTerracotta
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Toddler Feeding: Nailed It.

  • Made of BPA-free, food grade silicone
  • 4-button adjustable neckline
  • Wide pocket food catcher
  • Compact and portable
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Product Dimensions: 12” x 8.5”
  • Size Fit: Suitable for 6 to 36 Months
  • Wash Care: Dishwasher-safe or rinse in soapy water.

All In For Mealtime

Gear up for mealtime with the Prep Silicone Baby Bibs - crafted 100% food-grade and BPA-free, these waterproof feeding bibs let you and your little one enjoy playfully messy mealtime, hassle-free.

  • We've Got Your Back

    The adjustable closure and neck strap fits your growing baby to the T.

  • Reliable By Design

    There’s nothing in your way when you are with these silicone bibs - foldable, lightweight, waterproof, easy-to-clean. There's nothing else you would ask for.

  • Match Made In Feeding

    Take 'Mix and Match' to the next level with our Prep Silicone Feeding Collection. A feast for the eye and tummy.


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Customer Reviews


These two bibs are comfortable and soft. They are made of silicone and are scentless. Also like all bibs, they are easy to clean and easy to carry around. The quality is great and I highly recommend


I recently started using the 2-Pack Silicone Bibs for my little one, and they have become an absolute mealtime essential.First and foremost, the convenience of these bibs is unbeatable. They're easy to put on and take off, thanks to the adjustable neck strap with secure snaps. No more struggling with ties or Velcro!The silicone material is a game-changer. It's not only soft and comfortable for my baby to wear but also incredibly easy to clean. A quick wipe or rinse is all it takes to keep these bibs looking brand new.The coverage is impressive. These bibs have a wide, deep pocket that catches food crumbs and spills, saving me from constant cleanup during and after meals.The durability is evident. These bibs are built to last, withstanding the messiest of mealtimes and staying in great condition.


I appreciate that the catchers stay open on these bibs. I have tried some in the past that did not stay open and food would just fall past the pocket. The silicone material is easy to clean and durable. The adjustable closure holes have not gotten damaged after repeated use. These are a good size that is not too narrow. Because of the size, my child will definitely grow into it until she will not need a bib anymore. These are great!


Absolutely love these bibs! We've used it for a while now, and here are some things we love about this:- Good quality, it actually has good quality, it's not paper thin like others we have- Good design, the button design can securely fasten the bib on our toddler's neck without it being ripped off easily like others- Easy to clean, the material used on this makes it very easy to clean, and it's soft, so you can hang it pretty much on anything


The bibs are soft and flexible. They have adjustable snaps around the neck. Like the colors as well.

Aleshia Casselton

cute boy baby bibs, they look easy to clean


These silicone bibs are pretty nice. I got them for my my messy little 7 month old when she is eating. Not super flexible, which is actually good so she is not constantly pulling it up into her mouth and making things even messier. Cute colors.


These bibs come in a pack of 2. I like they are neutral colors. Works great.

Elle Kay

Beautiful colors of silicone. So easy to clean and at this price a great value. These are standard size for these bibs and run through the dishwasher well.

Emily B

Cute and functional. Easy to clean. Love the color options.

Liz Ouellette

These bins are a good option because they r so easy to clean with a bit of dish soap by hand and air dry they do not get stained and they catch crumbs easily to protect clothes and they r a sustainable option to bibs

Happy Mom

I have been really impressed with these bibs. Not only are they really cute but they are very high quality and are my new favorite bibs. I love the pouch that catches any dropped food, and I also like the adjustable strap. These are really easy to clean and are perfect for on-the-go.


These silicone bibs are great quality and not too light, not too heavy. They’re adjustable around the neck and can grow old with the baby. They’re very easy to wipe down and clean. They’re very easy to wash as well. Amazing value for the money!

Mama Rya

Great quality bibs durable and easy to clean


These are great to contain the inevitable mess of child feedings. It is great that they are reusable and easily cleanable. Like a catch basin under the chin these are really practical. These are adjustable to fit your needs. Like if you have a 1 year old versus a 3 year old that require different sizes.


Super easy to clean. Reusable.4 adjustable buttons mean 4 different lengths for neck opening.


Easy to clean I like that they have like pouch for falling food makes it easier when it comes to cleaning


Catches everything. Easy to rinse or through in the dishwasher.


These are such nice bibs especially when taking baby out for a meal. It's far easier to be able to roll the silicone bib up when it's time to go and throw it in the diaper bag. It's very nice and bendable.I will say it's very wipeable if you choose to do a quick clean before leaving the dinner table.The colors are great, and they go with everything. I fed baby spaghetti sauce and it did not stain the bib.Very happy with these!


These seem to be well made silicone bibs. They are very easy to clean and feel pretty durable. I like the colors and they arrived very quickly. They clasp seems to stay secure also.


I love silicone bibs. They are easy to use at home or to take on the go. The neck is adjustable. They are soft and flexible. They are easy to wipe clean. They cover well and have a crumb catcher.


This arrived quickly and in excellent condition.My niece is expecting her first child in November. I am a huge fan of these baby bibs with food catcher pocket, which greatly reduces the mess on the floor during feedings. I ordered several sets of these for my daughter to use with her babies. :)

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