How to Swaddle a newborn baby - 3 simple ways of Swaddling your baby using Keababies Swaddle.

The Diamond shaped Swaddle:

1. Spread the blanket then fold the top corner down, after that place baby’s shoulder to level with top fold.

2. Fold the left top corner over your baby’s shoulder to level with top fold.

3. Hold baby’s hand at chest and pull left side to tuck under. Give the blanket a tug to make it more snug.

4. Pull up bottom corner and tuck it under baby’s right shoulder.

5. Pull right side across and tuck it under baby.

There are two other types of baby swaddling; Sleeping bag shape and the square swaddle. Please refer to the video below for further instructions, and feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

Tutorial: 3 Simple Ways of Swaddling Your Baby