Why KeaBabies Drool Bibs Are Must-Have Baby Accessories
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Why KeaBabies Drool Bibs Are Must-Have Baby Accessories

Using drool bibs for infants can be a game changer. KeaBabies has the perfect bibs for your child, made from fabric designed to last!

Let's face it: all babies drool. And while some only have a slight dribble, others seemingly have constant waterfalls dripping down their chins, leaving a strong chance of soaking baby's clothes!

When shopping for the best in baby accessories, expectant parents should stock up on drool bibs. Of course, there is an endless selection of socks, mittens, bows, headbands, swaddle blankets, hats, and onesies - but many parents forget that babies wear bibs too!

And while bibs might not be the most fun, adorable accessory to shop for, they are necessary. Infants can go through several bibs in one day, and bibs are essential for protecting baby's skin and clothes. Along with burp cloths, new parents should be sure to stock up on baby bibs before their little one's arrival - they might need them sooner than they think.

The KeaBabies Urban Drool Bibs and Coast Drool Bibs are the ideal dribble bibs for little ones. 

toddler and infant wearing KeaBabies Coast Drool Bibs

KeaBabies is a top brand in the baby bib game. They have so many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, perfect to use as soon as babies start wearing bibs! Whether you're looking for a great feeding bib, an organic cotton bandana bib, silicone feeding bibs, or drool bibs, KeaBabies has you covered with an amazing collection suitable for all styles and occasions.

The KeaBabies Drool Bibs are made from organic cotton and are superior to disposable bibs because they are soft, adorable, and ultra-absorbent. 

These bibs come in packs of eight, and are the perfect baby bib to keep your little one's clothes clean. These extra-absorbent bibs are designed for heavy droolers. Exclusive gender-neutral designs are perfect for any child. These bibs are superior to the standard bib because they cover a good portion of your baby's upper chest area. 

They can be used for drooling, feeding, burping, or just as a cute clothing accessory! These bibs are great for everyday use and the fabric is luxuriously soft. Available in many cute, vibrant colors, these bibs are a must-have for any child! 

With modern parents in mind, these bibs are essential items for families. They can be put to wash in the washing machine, are dryer-friendly, and are durable and long-lasting. Nickel-free back snaps make for easy wear and removal. 

Care tips for KeaBabies Bibs: 

These bibs are machine washable in a cold cycle (try to avoid hot water cycles). You can wash the bibs and then hang dry them or dry them on a low cycle. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach on these bibs to prolong their lifespan. These bibs can be wiped clean from any food bits during mealtime and then tossed in the washing machine so that stains don't set in!

When do babies usually start needing to wear bibs? 

baby playing wooden toy wearing KeaBabies Quinn Drool Bibs

You can use bibs as an accessory even when your baby is little, but usually, bibs come in handy when your little one begins drooling, between 2-4 months of age. Some babies prefer certain types of bibs, and bibs come in all shapes and varieties. KeaBabies has plenty of unique bib styles to choose from, from bandana bibs, to cloth bibs, to silicone bibs, and more!

Types of bibs (and choosing the right ones) 

baby eating meal on a high chair wearing KeaBabies Presto Waterproof Bib

There are many styles of bibs available, all for different purposes. You'll want to use different bibs for teething and drooling than you would for starting solids. Here are some popular bib styles:

Mealtime bibs, including silicone bibs, are helpful when a baby eats solid food for the first time. These bibs are usually made of plastic, rubber, or silicone, and are easy to wipe clean! They are designed for easy washing and durability.

Burp cloths and drool bibs are ideal for bottle feeding or breastfeeding. Babies need bibs to help protect their skin from spilled milk or drool that can cause irritation and rashes.

Whether you choose a traditional bib or a bandana bib or other styles, how many bibs you'll need depends on your family's preferences and your little one's needs.

Most kids stop wearing bibs when they are toddlers.

How many baby bibs will I need? 

pastel colored KeaBabies Quinn Urban Drool Bibs

This depends on your family's unique needs and your baby's preferences when it comes to wearing bibs. Typically, parents should stock up on at least 6-7 bibs (one for each day), and maybe even more when your baby starts solids. Many infants need drool bibs, like the KeaBabies Urban Drool Bibs, to keep them clean and dry and protect the baby's neck from rashes and irritation. Silicone bibs are helpful to wear during mealtime. Long-sleeved bibs or smock bibs are helpful for very messy eaters or to wear during art projects.

Bibs for teething or drooling:

All babies drool, due to their oral muscles not being fully developed until they are toddlers. The excess drool helps little ones to digest food when they start eating solid foods. 

When they begin teething, drooling intensifies and babies may go through a couple of bibs in a day.  It's a good idea to keep a few extra bibs at home or in the diaper bags.  A drool bib can soak up the spit to keep babies’ clothes getting soaked (and potentially irritating the skin underneath). 

Drool bibs can also be handy to wipe off moisture around their mouth, which can also cause a skin rash.

Consider your baby's age when picking out bibs. 

happy baby wearing KeaBabies Urban Drool Bib

Always check the age range that your baby's bibs are suitable for. Safety is key for little ones. Never let an infant sleep with a bib on. Although they might look cute, nothing should be around your baby's neck while they sleep.

Should you put a bib on a newborn?

Are baby bibs necessary for newborns? Bibs can be helpful for newborn babies, as long as parents pay careful attention to their little one's safety.

Bibs for newborns

Drool bibs can be used in addition to burp cloths during breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It can catch milk that spills out of your baby's mouth, protecting their skin and clothes from irritation. Newborns ideally should use soft bibs made from organic cotton or other high-quality materials to be gentle enough on their sensitive skin.

Are drool bibs safe for newborns?

Drool bibs like the KeaBabies Drool Bibs are made for infants between 0 and 24 months. These bibs come in handy for protecting your little one's skin from irritation when they are young.

Ease of cleaning is key. 

woman holding a stack of clean KeaBabies Quinn Drool Bibs

You need to clean bibs easily. After all, parenthood is a busy job! It is difficult to clean bibs that stain easily. You'll want a variety of bibs, but especially ones that are easy to clean.

The KeaBabies Drool Bibs are simple to clean, designed with modern parents in mind. These absorbent bibs are machine washable, dryer-friendly, and durable. They protect your child's clothes and are super easy to clean and sanitize!

What else is important when choosing bibs?

  • Are you breastfeeding? It might be helpful to choose a large bib, like the KeaBabies Urban Drool Bibs, that covers your baby's entire chest, protecting fancy dresses and nice outfits from spills.

  • Has your baby started solid foods? You might opt for a food-grade silicone bib, one that your baby can chew on during meal times. A silicone bib makes a great mealtime bib because it is easy to wipe clean.

  • Does your little one eat baby food purees or are you doing baby-led weaning? For purees, a soft, towel-like garment like KeaBabies Coast Drool Bibs can be enough protection. If you're choosing to do baby-led weaning, where your little one takes the lead on self-feeding, a long-sleeved bib or smock-style bib might be a better option.

  • Are you often on the go? Babies need bibs for all kinds of occasions. If you need bibs that fold easily and are portable, consider the KeaBabies Hallo Drool Bibs that can be folded and put in a diaper bag or purse.

Bibs are essential for feeding time and playtime.

KeaBabies Drool Bibs are must-haves for all parents. From feeding time to playtime, these bibs are made for comfort and durability. 

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