What’s With All That Drool?
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What’s With All That Drool?

All babies drool - some more than others. If you’re noticing excess amounts of saliva falling from your baby’s mouth, there’s no need to stress. Drool is an integral part of development!

If your baby is approaching the 3-5 month mark, it might be time to start using bibs! Bibs aren’t just helpful for feeding time - they can be used to mop up all that drool your little one suddenly has! Nonstop drool doesn’t necessarily point to early teething, but it can be a pain to deal with. Save yourself the headache of changing outfits all day long by investing in some quality drool bibs such as the KeaBabies URBAN Drool Bibs

Urban Drool Bibs

Why do babies drool so early? 

Excess saliva has been linked to the development of a baby’s digestive system. Saliva is important for so many things - it aids in feeding and digestion, helps cue a breastfeeding mother into producing the perfect milk for her baby, and is full of antibodies that can protect your baby’s toys from germs! 

The KeaBabies URBAN Drool Bibs are perfect for your little one’s messy mouth!

They come in packs of 8, in a few different color schemes, so you’ll be able to find a set that matches your baby’s unique style. The URBAN Drool Bibs come in sets with pattern themes such as Blush, Muted Pastels, and Basics. They are 12.5 inches long and 7.6 inches wide, large enough to cover your baby’s full torso while most other bibs only cover a small area of your baby’s shirt. They are ultra-soft, made from 100% organic cotton and lined with fleece. These bibs were designed for usefulness and comfort! They can be rolled or folded to be compact enough to stick in the pocket of your diaper bag, perfect for on-the-go messes. With coverage from neck to belly, your baby’s skin and clothing will be protected from the buckets of drool. The bibs are also highly adjustable, able to fit newborns all the way up to age 2! 

KeaBabies Drool Bibs

Excess drool might be due to teeth coming in. In general, babies get their central incisors on the top and bottom between 6 and 10 months. Between 9 and 13 months, the lateral incisors appear. The canines appear between 16 and 23 months. Babies also get 2 sets of molars, around 18 months and 24 months. Excess drool during this time can cause a rash on your baby’s neck, chin, or around the mouth. Be sure to keep the area clean and dry to avoid skin irritation! This is why soft, comfortable bibs come in so handy during this phase. 

Drool is also important for coping with illness. When your baby is sick, her saliva passes on a cue during breastfeeding that signals to a mother’s body to produce milk that contains illness-fighting antibodies. These antibodies can help the baby recover faster and protect the mother from becoming ill. The relationship between the breastfeeding mother and her little one is so unique and fascinating, and the baby’s saliva has a lot to do with how the little one communicates her needs to the mother. 

If you find your baby has excess drool, count your blessings. That extra saliva is important for a number of developmental processes, from eating to teething to breastfeeding. Protect your little one’s sensitive skin by using soft, quality bibs such as the KeaBabies URBAN Drool Bibs and you’ll never have to worry about pesky rashes and irritation!

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