Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids
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Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids

Valentine's Day crafts for kids can be simple and fun. Check out this list of adorable ideas to do at home with your little ones as we celebrate the season of love.

From construction paper cards, to toilet paper roll heart painting, to handmade Valentine's Day cards with sequins and ribbons, there are many fun Valentine's Day crafts for kids of all ages. Babies, toddlers, and school-aged children can enjoy practicing cutting, painting, gluing, and making adorable creations for this fun holiday season.

If you have younger kids, chances are your Valentine's Day plans look a lot different than they used to. Parents can celebrate the occasion with their little love bugs with some fun Valentine's Day crafts. From surprising a partner or family member with a cute toddler art project, or assisting school-aged kids in special DIY valentines for their friends and classmates, there are many great ideas for festive crafts for kids.

Making valentine crafts is a great way to create family memories.

Making and exchanging Valentine's Day cards is a common part of celebrating this month of love. Whether you have arty crafty kids, or just want to do some simple projects as a family, there are many easy Valentine's Day craft projects that make cute gifts for friends and family.

What supplies are needed for Valentines crafts for kids?

Arts and Crafts Supplies for Making Valentine's Card

Some common art supplies necessary for Valentine's Day crafts include toilet paper rolls, a glue stick or craft glue, pom moms, paint, construction paper, foam heart shapes, washi tape, googly eyes, glitter, stickers, candy, dry pasta, buttons, and anything else you can come up with. Parents might want to use hot glue for certain projects, but keep it out of reach of young children.

Coming up with an easy craft project for little kids doesn't have to be complicated. Just grab some paper and child-safe paint, and get the whole family together for an arts and crafts extravaganza.

Check out this list to find the perfect Valentine's Day craft for your kids:

Arts and Crafts for Valentine's Card

Both little kids and big kids will love making some of these fun Valentine's Day crafts. Take a look at this list divided by age group and pick a few to try with your family members.

Craft ideas for babies:

mom and toddler making KeaBabies Keepsake Adore Ornament Keepsake Kit

The best Valentine crafts for babies are handprint and footprint art. Create a fun keepsake using your baby's tiny hands and feet and enjoy hands on crafting fun together.

Use the KeaBabies Adore Ornament Keepsake Kit.

Take the guesswork out of crafty things by purchasing the KeaBabies Adore Ornament Keepsake Kit, which contains everything you need to make an adorable handprint or footprint ornament using your baby's fingers and toes! This baby-safe air dry clay kit includes paint, an easel, an instruction guide, and alphabet and number stamps so that parents can make a sweet, heart-shaped keepsake ornament they'll cherish forever.

Other handprint and footprint art ideas.

"Love" is in the air.

One of the best ideas to do with a baby is write out the word "LOVE" but using the baby's handprint for the "O" and their footprints to make a "V." Simply paint your baby's feet in pink or red, use a piece of white construction paper, and create a cute Valentine's Day card that documents their little fingers and toes.

Valentines butterfly.

Using white paper and some paint, parents can also use their baby's foot to create a butterfly.

Paint their foot red, stamp it onto a piece of paper, turn it upside down, and then paint two sideways hearts to become the butterfly's wings. The footprint is the butterfly's body. Once the paint is dry, parents can draw a happy face on the butterfly.

Handprint flower bouquet.

Handprints can also be used to help younger kids make a floral "bouquet." Paint your baby's hands red or pink, and do several handprints on a piece of paper. Then, cut out the handprints and tape them onto a green stem so they look like beautiful blooms.

You can also create a flower pot or vase using a colored piece of paper. This fun craft can be done with toddlers and older kids as well!

Craft ideas for toddlers and preschoolers:

Valentine's Card Kids Arts and CraftsToddlers and preschoolers are at the perfect age to enjoy making Valentine's Day crafts. From Valentine's Day cards for friends at school, to simple Valentine crafts to do at home and display on the refrigerator, there are many easy Valentine's Day crafts to do with toddlers and preschoolers.

With a little help from mom and dad, kids between ages 1 and 3 can handle simple, adorable art projects. Toddlers might need some assistance with cutting and gluing, but they can still enjoy activities like painting, stamping, and coloring.

Preschool-aged children ages 3 and 4 have more fine motor skills and practice with arts and crafts, so they'll be ready to try some easy, educational, and fun Valentine's Day crafts.

Toilet paper roll hearts.

All you need for this craft is a toilet paper roll, some paint, and a piece of paper. Gently bend an empty toilet paper roll into a heart shape, and then let your child dip the heart into paint and use it as a stamp on a piece of blank paper. You can use a few different colors of paint to make an even more vibrant Valentine's Day craft. This project is easy enough that babies can try it, as well as preschoolers and big kids!

Fingerprint heart shape picture frame.

A simple Valentine's Day craft to do with toddlers is to do a picture frame project. Simply cut out a heart out of white paper, cut a small circle in the middle, and let your child finger paint the frame with Valentine's Day colors. Glue a picture of them to the back of the frame, and display somewhere where the whole family can enjoy it!

Framed button heart.

This is one of the best ideas for Valentine's Day crafts for preschoolers. It's fun, cute, and fairly simple. Just gather a bunch of buttons of various sizes and colors, and glue onto a piece of paper in the shape of a heart.

Valentine heart dot marker art project.

This project is a simple way to get little kids involved in Valentine's Day art projects. Cut out a heart shape out of cardboard, and tape it onto a piece of paper. Then let your kids use dot markers or paint sticks to draw all over the paper (it's okay if some gets on the heart). Make sure they fill up the whole paper with colors. Once the paint is dry, remove the cardboard heart in the center, leaving a crisp white heart in the middle of your child's painting.

I love you "to pieces."

This Valentine's Day craft can be done with just a piece of paper, some cut up tissue paper or construction paper, and a marker! On a blank paper, write "I love you to pieces!" and draw the outline of a heart. Fill the inside of the heart with craft glue or a glue stick, and help your kids fill the heart with little pieces of scrap paper. Little kids might also enjoy ripping or cutting up pieces of paper with their hands or toddler scissors. This can help them develop their fine motor skills.

Craft ideas for kids:

Girl Carves Figurs Out of PaperOlder kids can enjoy making Valentines Day crafts as well. Kids of all ages love putting together special projects to gift to friends and family. Check out these fun ideas for big kids!

Valentine's Day toilet paper roll butterfly.

One super easy craft for kids to do is make a festive butterfly with a few household items. Grab an empty toilet paper roll, glue on some craft eyes, cut out hearts for the butterfly's wings, and decorate the butterfly using stickers, markers, or paints. Kids can even add antennas using pipe cleaners, straws, or construction paper.

Melted crayon hearts.

This project is great for kids, and they make great gifts for school friends or family. They are also the perfect craft to recycle things you already have on hand. This idea requires crayons of various colors, paper removed. Break them into small pieces, mix colors together, and melt in the oven (use a silicone heart-shaped mold for even cuter crayons) and you'll soon have a cute gift to give to friends.

Heart friendship bracelets.

Friendship bracelets are a cute, heartfelt gift to share with friends. Help your child string pink, purple, and white beads onto some elastic string, and help them tie it. Encourage your child to make adorable bracelets for the special friends in their life!

Valentine box.


Valentine Gift Box with Hearts

Kids often have the most fun exchanging Valentine's Day cards at school, but they can also celebrate by exchanging cards and gifts at home using their own Valentine box. Buy or make a box, and let your child use decorative paper, stickers, glitter glue, paper hearts, tissue paper, ribbon, and stamps to decorate their mailbox.

On Valentine's Day, fill your child's box with cards, little trinkets, and candy!

Paper bag puppets.

Paper bag puppets are a lot of fun to make, and fun to play with. Help your kids design Valentine's themed puppets using construction paper, craft eyes, markers, and paints. Then, the kids can put on a cute puppet show with their creations! This simple idea can help little ones have hours of fun!

Candy heart banner.

Candy hearts are a fun part of Valentine's Day festivities. Help your children create their own super easy Valentines candy heart messages by cutting out heart shapes out of various colors of construction paper. Using alphabet stickers or stencils, help your kids come up with funny sayings to put on their conversation hearts.

Once your kids have made several Valentines hearts, string them together to create a banner that you can hang on your mantle or front door.

Don't have time to come up with your own idea?

Visit a craft store to find crafts for kids!

Girl Learning How Sew

Life get busy, and not all parents have time to come up with a Pinterest-worthy array of Valentine's craft projects. Try a craft kit! Many stores sell adorable crafts for kids this time of year, all pre-cut and prepared for easy crafting. Kids of all ages love making projects using valentine themed craft kits.

From mailboxes to decorate, to pair heart banners, to scratch art, there are many fun crafts for kids available in packaged form. Simply follow the package instructions and enjoy creating fun art projects with your family.!

Valentine's Day crafts are a wonderful way to bring the family together.

Kids Arts and Crafts

Valentine crafts are fun for all ages, from babies to older kids! With some simple art supplies, parents and their little ones can create beautiful art projects to commemorate this season of love.

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