Top 5 Benefits of Wearing a Maternity Belt
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Top 5 Benefits of Wearing a Maternity Belt

Even in the perfect-scenario, pregnancy is a wonderful, but challenging, 9 months. In high-risk pregnancies, or pregnancy with complications, these pains are sometimes debilitating. It can be so scary and lonely. I want you to know you are not alone.

Hey there, beautiful, and congratulations on your pregnancy!  This is such an amazing time for you!  As someone who has been in your shoes, and had questions about what was normal to feel during pregnancy, & as a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has helped thousands of women enjoy active pregnancies in my 15+ year career, I wanted to share with you how using a maternity belt can help you stay active, and control any pregnancy-related pains, as your beautiful bundle grows inside you!

stay active during pregnancy

Even in the perfect-scenario, pregnancy is a wonderful, but challenging, 9 months. In high-risk pregnancies, or pregnancy with complications, these pains are sometimes debilitating.  It can be so scary and lonely.  I want you to know you are not alone.  

Pelvic Floor PTs are one amazing resource for you, but so are maternity belts. And since a maternity belt might be easier, and quicker, for you to come by than a Pelvic PT, I want to share with you the top 5 benefits of wearing a maternity belt, as well as a plug for one of my personal favorites, the KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt.   

The Top 5 Benefits of Wearing a Maternity Belt

  1. Maternity Belts Reduce Pain. By offering circumferential support to your pelvic ring (translation: giving your pelvis a gentle hug), the belt assists in supporting your growing bundle of joy, thereby reducing pain. 

  2. Stay Active While Pregnant. By providing this pelvic ring support, a maternity belt allows you to do things you might not otherwise have been able to do, from a comfort perspective.  This is especially true in cases of complex pregnancy, where pain may have caused inhibition of your core muscles, which can lead to more pain, which is a vicious cycle.  A maternity belt can interrupt that cycle and help you stay (or become) more active. 

  3. Work Smarter. Not Harder. Maternity belts complement the work of your own amazing core muscles.  By doing a bit of the work to stabilize your pelvic ring, the belt frees up the abs, glutes and pelvic floor, to do other work that the belt cannot do.  This makes it easier to maintain good posture and perform daily tasks.  

  4. Specifically Designed for YOUR changing body. General “SI Belts” can be good, too, but maternity belts were designed with a Pregnant Body in mind. They are lightweight, breathable, and have SPECIAL MATERIAL by your belly to avoid chaffing. If you’ve used a general SI belt in the past for pre-pregnancy woes, you owe it to yourself (& your belly skin) to purchase a special one for maternity use. 

  5. Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby. Do it for your baby. Numerous studies have shown that active mamas have healthier babies, better mental health and greater fitness for delivery, than moms who were sedentary. Wearing a belt can help control your pain and get you (or keep you) active. 

So those are my Top 5 Reasons for Wearing a Maternity Belt.  Remember to put them on with GENTLE compression, low around your hip bones.  It should go UNDER your under-garments, so that you don’t have to move it on and off when you use the bathroom.  

KeaBabies belly band for pregnancy

Why do I love the KeaBabies belt?

Because of its construction.  I find it to be high quality, easy to put on (out of box, velco towards you, wrap around and Viola!), and it has held its quality through many (hand) washings (please secure Velcro first and dry flat, not in machine).  I also like their eco-conscious packaging and the company’s care for the whole mama, in general.  

I hope you found these tips helpful. Please check out the KeaBabies Blog, Pelvic Floored Blog, and follow me on Instagram for more great tips!  Remember, you’re not alone in this journey.  

Dr. Kelly Saudackas

Meet Our Guest Writer, Dr. Kelly Sadauckas, DPT, OCS, ITPT

Dr. Kelly P Sadauckas (sad-ow-skiss) is Doctor of Physical Therapy who has specialized in treating pelvic health conditions for individuals of all sexes and ages, for nearly two decades.  She is a Board Certified Specialist, and has a goal of reducing geographic, financial and psychosocial barriers to accessing high quality pelvic health care, throughout the world.  She has a special place in her heart for new, and forever, mamas.  Follow her on social media for awesome, free, tips on how to live your best life during pregnancy, and beyond! 

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