Things that alternative moms do
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Things that alternative moms do

Everyone fits into stereotypes sometimes, but no one fits into one completely or always. Moms are no exception. Here are a few things we moms are doing differently.

Everyone fits into stereotypes sometimes, but no one fits into one completely or always. Moms are no exception. 

We all have a diaper bag full of ideas about motherhood. Moms, including myself, are cultivating many new norms. We must allow mothers to create, rearrange, discard, and add to the wisdom bank. If we all moms were the same, life would be uninteresting. 

Here are a few things we moms are doing differently. 


Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is no big deal these days, but a year ago, before my son was born, it was still a strange idea when I mentioned it to a friend. There are still many misconceptions about homeschooling not being as beneficial as traditional schooling. 

Make Americans Free Again lists advantages of homeschooling such as:

  •     Individualized curriculum 
  •     Flexibility with scheduling 
  •     Access to like-minded communities 
  •     Uplifting independent thinking 
  •     Parent controlled socialization

There's plenty more to love about homeschooling, of course. Its many benefits will increase now that the whole world has to pay attention to improving it.

Birthdays, Holidays, and Other Celebrations

Holidays and Birthday Celebrations

Due to quarantine guidelines, many traditional celebrations are being canceled or celebrated differently. One under observation this year is birthdays. 

For many of my friends, the older we get, the less we're invested into a big celebration of our graceful aging. You may think it's because we are scared of getting older. From the conversations I've had, it's because we realize it mostly feels better to reflect on our progress with ourselves. 

Moms are now seeing birthdays as an opportunity to teach our children to reflect on their growth and set new goals. Many moms find it more convenient to keep things small and intimate, especially when there are multiple children, financial strains, and the psychological implications of associating worth with presents received each year and how many friends are in attendance in comparison to other peers.

Holidays and other celebrations are lovely for bringing families and friends together, but this year we have space for personal reflection of what these observances truly mean to us.

Plant-Based Veganism

Veganism is gaining momentum these days, but before,  vegan moms were more outnumbered. "What about protein?" is quickly losing its place as the most frequently asked question of vegans, but the issue of other deficiencies like B12 still comes up.

It's difficult for many people to consider raising a child completely vegan given our ideas of nutrition. There are a plethora of options for optimizing this lifestyle as more research is done.

Minimalism & Toys

Minimalistic Toys for Baby and Toddler

A minimalist keeps things simple. People have varying ideas about simplicity as well. When it comes to me, it's about everything having a purpose and keeping excess to a limit. Moms love multi-use accessories

My child has about ten toys. These include stuffed animals, teethers, and books. When one comes in, one goes out. Children end up playing with everything they can touch and lose interest in their toys quickly. They'd rather play with whatever mom and dad's "toys" are, be it cellphones, keys, shoes, and just about everything parents usually seem to favor. 

I find my son is keener on exploring when he has fewer toys and distractions. He's able to create natural engagement from his environment. For children, minimalism promotes less consumerism and more self-awareness as well.

Nursery Rhymes 

Many moms are shocked to find out the origins of several nursery rhymes. Our desire to be conscious of what our child learns leads us to remix lyrics and make up new songs.

I love seeing moms tapping into their creativity this way. It's fun to stir things up, and I can't wait until my son is old enough to add his spin on songs!

Enjoy Parenting 

Enjoy Parenting Moments
Whether you do one, some, or none on this list, we're all just trying to be wonderful parents. Let's uplift each other by seeing deeply into our good intentions. You may find inspiration in one of these unconventional methods if you approach it with a reasonable mind.
Let's build a community. What are some things you do differently as a mom?


Meet Our KeaMommy Contributor: Nadia Rumbolt

Nadia Rumbolt is a mom of many trades, including creative writing, blogging, van life, minimalism, veganism, the beach, nature, and the occult.

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