It’s funny how we cannot wait for our child to get here and then it seems like we can’t wait for them to grow up. Excitingly and eagerly waiting for the next stage of their lives to come about - their first smile, words, steps, and food.

Children grow so rapidly, and their little bodies need plenty of vitamins to keep up! Wondering where to start when it comes to learning about the essential vitamins and minerals for growth? Read on to discover the biggest nutrient needs for your growing child. 

Your baby is ready to start solids - so what feeding accessories do you need? Read the blog post below for a list of the most helpful mealtime essentials!

Packing quick, easy, and healthy lunches can be difficult with little ones to care for! What better way to prepare healthy lunches than to find a way to share those meals with your little one (if they are able to eat solid foods). Click the link for some great lunch ideas, and simple ways to modify for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
Has your little one recently started solid foods? Is your infant graduating from purees to table food? Be sure to read this blog post first to stay informed on the top choking hazards to be aware of!
Make any child’s holiday super fun with some themed meal, snack, or dessert ideas.

Your precious little ones will look amazing on the Fourth of July with KeaBabies Bandana Bibs 

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