Stress-Free Pregnancy Planning With KeaBabies
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Stress-Free Pregnancy Planning With KeaBabies

Are you trying to get pregnant? Take the stress out of family planning with the KeaBabies Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips! Read on for more information our how our test kits can assist in your pregnancy journey!

Are you currently trying to conceive? This can be a stressful time for couples as they anxiously plan for pregnancy. Sometimes getting pregnant is easy, but sometimes it takes several months (or years) to conceive a child. Take the stress out of pregnancy planning with the KeaBabies Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips

The trick to getting pregnant easier is to track your ovulation cycle. The KeaBabies Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips can help you identify your most fertile days with 99% accuracy! Things like stress, illness, or hormonal problems can cause irregular ovulation cycles, making it harder for women to conceive. The KeaBabies test strips can put your mind at ease as you track your body’s unique cycle. 

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How does an “ovulation test strip” work? 

Ovulation test strips (also called OPKs, or ovulation predictor kits) detect the hormone LH (luteinizing hormone) in a woman’s urine. When a woman is close to ovulating, her body experiences a spike in LH as her egg reaches maturity. Ovulation usually occurs about 36 hours after the spike in LH, so those days are the best to have sex if you are trying to get pregnant. Ovulation test strips look similar to pregnancy tests - you pee on the end of the stick, and it tells you if you’re ovulating soon. If you get a positive result, you know that the next 2-3 days will be your most fertile days in your cycle! 

To use the KeaBabies Ovulation Test Strips, urinate into the disposable cup provided in the kit, dip the test strip in the urine sample, and wait 3-5 minutes to read the result. You can test once or twice a day, and aim to test at the same time every day. The KeaBabies kit should last up to three months and comes with 20 disposable cups for your convenience. 

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How does an “HCG early pregnancy test” work? 

HCG is the hormone responsible for the production of progesterone and estrogen, which are essential for a growing embryo and fetus. Pregnancy tests detect the level of HCG in a woman’s body. A level of 5 mIU/mL is considered negative, and anything above 25mIU/mL is considered positive. Levels between 6 and 24 mIU/mL are in essence a “gray area” and you will likely need to wait before further testing. HCG levels rise during pregnancy. 

The KeaBabies HCG Pregnancy Test Strip Kit can be used with accuracy 12-14 days after conception. If you test first thing in the morning, your HCG levels are higher. Wait several minutes before reading the results, and do not wait longer than 15 minutes to check the results. If you experience a faint positive, wait several days before testing again. 

Note: False positives can occur with pregnancy tests, but they are rare. False negatives are more common and usually occur because a woman has tested for pregnancy too soon after conception. The most accurate time to test is a week or so after your missed period, although many women prefer to test sooner. 

Why choose KeaBabies Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips? 

Using the KeaBabies testing kit can take the stress out of family planning. Each kit comes with a calendar for tracking ovulation cycles to help with better planning. The ovulation test strips are easy to use and highly reliable. Hormonal issues and stress from everyday life can cause irregular cycles, so using a test kit can help put your mind at ease as you try to conceive! Testing for that surge in LH hormones, as well as getting enough sleep and eating well, can increase your chances of conceiving. 

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Planning a family should be a happy time for couples, not a stressful one. As much as you can, try to go with the flow and not overdo it. Unnecessary stress can hinder your chances of conceiving. Enjoy the process with your partner, have open communication about your emotions and concerns along the way, and make this a special time for you and your partner as you plan a family together. 

Once you get several positive pregnancy test readings, it’s time to call your doctor for an appointment. A doctor can confirm the pregnancy through a blood test and/or ultrasound. The KeaBabies Team wishes you all the best in your journey to conceive!  

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