Spring Style For Babies and Toddlers
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Spring Style For Babies and Toddlers

Winter is gone and spring is here, and it's time to start planning those adorable statement pieces for your baby and toddler! Read on for ideas on how to style your little one this spring.

It's the start of a new season, and that means it's time to shop and refresh your little one's wardrobe with cute styles! As the weather warms up, parents can enjoy dressing their babies and toddlers in matching sets, rompers, dresses, shorts, and a variety of spring outfits that are sure to impress!

As the weather shifts from cold and bleak in winter, to warm and sunny, it's the perfect time to start organizing your baby or toddler's closet with pieces that will last for the season.

Whether you have a baby girl, a toddler boy, or older kids, springtime is full of amazing apparel to help kids look and feel great all season long.

What are some popular colors for spring? 

baby girl looking good in a dress and KeaBabies Bandana Bib
  • Pastel pink: Soft pastel colors are perfect for little girls (and little boys too!). You can pair this color with warm tones, and this light, rosy shade is a fun reminder of blooming flowers.

  • Light purple: Purple is a great shade for spring, and looks wonderful on a toddler boy or toddler girl, or a sweet little baby! The richness of purple makes it stand out from the crowd.

  • Sky blue: Light, aqua blue is an adorable color for spring outfits. This vibrant, playful shade looks great for a dress, leggings, t-shirts, pajamas, and more. Robin's egg blue, a similar color, is also a perfect base color to create fun spring looks.

  • Mint green: This soft green color is the perfect balance between cold and warm tones, and feels as fresh as the warm weather outfits for springtime. This cool, muted tone looks great on a little boy or little girl!

  • Golden yellow: A light golden yellow is the perfect color for casual wear, and feels as bright and airy as the spring sunshine. Yellow looks great on head wraps, pajamas, bathing suits, and more, adding a pop of vibrance to any outfit.

  • Periwinkle: Periwinkle is a dark, pastel shade of blue that is unique and eye-catching. Periwinkle reminds us of spring rain, and has a touch of purple to it. This cool tone is a mixture of violet and pastel blue, and looks great on a variety of styles. 

Happy little girl wearing a floral print KeaBabies Bandana Bib

Spring outfit ideas for boys: 

mother holding a toddler boy wearing spring outfit

From casual play dates, to holiday wear, to family matching, here are some ideas for cute spring outfits for little boys:

1. Luxurious layers.

Utilizing layers can create a fun look for boys, and can also make an outfit more versatile for unpredictable weather. From cold mornings, to warm and sunny afternoons, to days full of rain, to beach adventures, good outfits should allow the child to play and be comfortable all day long!

Start with wearing a base layer, like a thin t-shirt and pants, and add some layers to complete the look, such as a knit sweater, a zip-up fleece-lined jacket, an adorable sweater vest, or a casual hoodie. Don't forget to include accessories in the layers - gloves, beanies, baseball hats, skater shoes, bandana bibs, and more!

2. Trendy accessories.

Dressing up babies and toddlers can include some fun accessories. From tiny backpacks, to sweet summer sandals, to stylish hats, to bow ties, there are many fun ways to accessorize an outfit for a little boy. There are a variety of high quality, durable, and fashionable bandana bibs from KeaBabies to match many different outfits and styles.

KeaBabies bandana bibs are perfect for all occasions.

KeaBabies Organic Bandana Bibs come in a variety of styles and patterns, and come in packs of eight so they won't break the bank. Parents can purchase these bibs on the KeaBabies website, and choose from themes like Muted Patel, Cupcake, Spring, Sweet Charm, Brave, Daybreak, Hunter, and much more. These beautiful bibs feature dual layer protection for your baby's sensitive skin, made from organic cotton and water-resistant, ultra-soft fleece.

3. The basic outfit.

You can't beat the basic jeans-and-shirt look for spring. Perfect for any occasion, a good pair of jeans can really make an outfit stand out. From skinny jeans to more relaxed, baggy styles, these pants look so cute on little ones.

4. Pieces for dressing up.

A good wardrobe needs a few pieces for any special occasion. From Easter, to Mother's Day, to family parties and gatherings, babies and toddlers will have occasions to dress up during the spring. Parents should pick a few items of clothing to have on hand for these exciting celebrations, such as a pair of trousers or corduroys, a sleek suit jacket, an adorable tiny bow tie, or a fancy hat made for a little boy.

5. Spring styles for a new baby boy.

If you just gave birth to a baby boy, pick a few spring pieces that are comfortable and durable for your baby to wear. Rompers, knotted gowns, zip-up pajamas, and matching hat-and-sleeper sets are all popular boy styles for the spring season.

6. Unique styles for pants.

From joggers to cargo pants, there are many unique styles for spring that can be a great addition to your little boy's spring outfits. Pants are available in cute colors and patterns, and making sure to have a durable pair of pants during the spring is important for dressing for unpredictable weather. Pants can be paired with a tank or tee for warm weather, or with a thermal and jacket for cooler days.

Spring outfit ideas for girls: 

Small very cute wide-eyed smiling baby girl in a pink dress

Dressing a little girl during the spring means lots of frilly dresses, cute shorts, vibrant t-shirts, matching sets, and elegant accessories. Here are some fun ideas for spring outfits for a little girl.

1. A cute holiday dress.

Every little girl needs a holiday dress (or two, or three!). Springtime dresses for a baby girl or toddler girl come in a variety of styles and colors, and look cute for any occasion. From Easter dinner, to family picnics, to tea parties, quality dresses are ones that can be worn for multiple occasions. From puff sleeves, to bubble sleeves, to flow sundresses, dresses make great spring outfits for little girls. Spring dresses should be comfortable and versatile!

2. Matching mommy-and-me outfits.

Matching outfits are an adorable way for moms of little girls to dress in style. From matching t-shirts, to color-coordinating dresses, to same-patterned swimsuits, there are many ways that moms can match their little girl's clothing during the spring and summer months.

3. Comfy lounge sets.

Comfy lounge sets are perfect for babies and toddlers. Color block pieces, matching patterns, or similar colors of shirts and pants can make the perfect addition to a little one's spring wardrobe. Lounge sets are great to be worn around the house, to park playdates, or for nap time.

4. Cute footwear.

Footwear for little girls during the spring and summer months never disappoints. From sweet summer sandals, to "jelly" style shoes, to trendy sneakers, to cozy slippers, to stylish rain boots, there are many options for girl shoes for springtime. The best thing to do is choose a few pairs of shoes that can be paired with multiple outfits.

5. Vibrant bows.

Moms can shop for sweet bows of all colors and styles for spring. From cloth flowers, to glitter and shimmer styles, to elegant lace bows, to luxurious head wraps, there are many ways to pair bows with spring outfits for little girls. Bows for babies and toddlers are always available for prices that won't break the bank, whether parents buy bows from large retailers or small businesses. A cute bow can really make spring photos of your little one pop!

6. Springtime details.

Whether your little one is wearing a dress or leggings and a t-shirt, spring fashion is all about the details. Spring clothing for girls usually has floral patterns, color blocking, muted pastels, elegant lace and cutouts, frilly skirts, stylish sweaters, and bold basics. From sandals to sneakers, springtime footwear can also make an outfit stand out.

Purchase quality pieces that will last throughout the season. 

Mom holds her daughter in her arms

Your child will be the talk of all your family and friends when they show off their cute spring outfits. Warmer weather means more time spent outside, which can affect how your child dresses. Spring is the perfect time to wear lots of layers, sport bold and vibrant colors, and choose from a variety of classic, favorite styles, like rompers, dresses, overalls, and sandals.

Whether you have a baby or a toddler, your kids can look fashionable and feel comfortable as they dress in these springtime basics! 

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