Skip The Gym And Try These At-Home Exercises With Your Baby
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Skip The Gym And Try These At-Home Exercises With Your Baby

Many moms feel that they’re too busy to exercise. Don’t worry - we have seven easy fitness activities you can do with your baby so you don’t miss out on any special moments!

We all know that new moms are tired. It’s a struggle to get everything done during the day, and the last thing a tired mama wants to do is find a way to fit in time at the gym during her busy schedule! The good news? You can get in shape and have fun with your baby! Incorporating your little one into your exercise routine can be a wonderful bonding experience for both mom and baby, so let’s get those endorphins flowing with these seven easy exercises! 

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1. Dance It Out

Perhaps the simplest, most fun form of exercise is dancing! Moms and babies can have fun dancing around together while torching calories! You can even turn up the tunes while Babywearing. Just be sure, as, with any type of rigorous movement, that baby is securely fastened in whatever carrier you choose. The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier is a great option for dancing because the baby can either face you or away from you, depending on her age and level of development. Wearing your baby in a wrap carrier like the KeaBabies carrier brings baby nice and snug against your body. She’ll be able to hear your heartbeat and feel your every motion! Turn on your favorite radio station, and spend 10-15 minutes dancing away! Babies love to rock, sway, sidestep, and dip to the beat!

2. Weighted Sit-Ups

Wait until your baby has good head and neck control before trying this movement. Many women experience unwanted loose skin around their midline and underused abdominal muscles postpartum. Your baby can be a great fitness motivator to get your core back up to its original strength. Lay down on the floor or a mat, bend your knees and place the baby with his body against your lower legs. Prop his head and neck up with your knees. Then, do 20 sit-ups or crunches, saying hi to your little one each time your face gets close to his! Repeat this three times for a great abdominal workout.

3. Peek-A-Boo Pushups

This exercise can be done with babies of all ages! Simply place your baby on the floor, facing up towards you. Do 10 pushups, saying hi to your baby or giving her a kiss during each repetition! Do three sets of 10 for a calorie-burning arm and core exercise! If you find that you’re not strong enough to do a regular pushup, try doing them with your knees and lower legs on the floor.

4. Baby-Weighted Overhead Press

In a seated position, hold your baby at his hips and lift him into the air. Repeat this motion for three sets of 10 lifts. Remember to always keep a firm grip on your baby. This exercise gets more difficult as your baby gets older! As you strengthen your upper arms, your little one will be sure to squeal with delight!

5. Sumo Squats

Start with your feet wide apart, feet turned outward, and then lower into a squatting position. Hold your baby at your midline, either facing you or facing outward. Stand up and straighten your legs, coming out of the squat. Do two sets of 10 squats for a great lower body burn!

6. Baby Bounce

Most babies love to bounce. When your baby has good head and neck control, and adequate core strength for sitting, place your baby on your knee and begin to bounce him up and down gently. You can bounce to the rhythm of the radio, a playlist on your phone, or a song you enjoy singing! Bouncing along to nursery rhymes is another great idea. Bouncing baby on your knees can help build your quadriceps and calf muscles!

7. Baby-Weighted Chest Press

Lay down on the ground, facing up, and hold your baby against your chest. Gently press baby upward, lifting him into the air directly above your chest. This is exactly like a weighted chest press - but using your baby for the weight! Again, always be sure that your baby has adequate head and neck strength before performing exercises like this where her head is not supported.

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Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore! Postpartum fitness can be a breeze if you let your little one in on the action! As the baby grows older and heavier, these exercises can become more challenging. Other ideas for mommy-and-me fitness include babywearing while hiking, jogging with baby in a jogging stroller, or attending a mommy-and-me yoga class. Having your little one join you in your fitness journey not only benefits you as you burn calories and lose weight, but it helps you build wonderful memories you and your little one will treasure! 


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