Moms Make Great Best Friends
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Moms Make Great Best Friends

Having a best friend comes with timeless, endless, and priceless perks. Here are a few reasons why everyone needs a mom as a best friend.

Having a best friend comes with timeless, endless, and priceless perks. When you have a mom as a best friend, the value of your friendship will undoubtedly increase.

It takes most people years to cultivate a deep friendship with anyone. Mothers have an edge on the friend game because we’re raising humans from the womb up. We’ve been through it all (or will go through it all) and it’s turned many of us into best friend ready material. You should snag one of us before we’re all taken!

Here are a few reasons why everyone needs a mom as a best friend.

Moms Are Organized 

Organized Moms

Don’t let our slightly frazzled looks, unruly hair, or messy homes lead you to believe we aren’t organized. Have you seen our diaper bag skills? Chances are we were quite poised with well to do hair before you saw us. We’ve probably just tidied up the house only to have our child wake from a nap and have their way at anything they can touch. 

Nonetheless, if you ask us where something is, we’ll know exactly where it is. Our partners have trained us well (“where are the keys?”, “baby, have you seen the remote?”, etc). If you ask us when something is supposed to happen, we’ll have the schedule of events already locked into our brains. We constantly have to organize naps, bedtimes, meals, groceries, playdates, laundry, and so much more. Of course, we have our off times like everyone else. Look at what we have to juggle in one day! Regardless, if ever you need organizing strategies, we have plenty of ideas.

Moms Are Great Listeners

Moms are well-practiced listeners. Our ability to listen grows as our child does. To many people, babies and toddlers are just babbling nonsense, but if you ask mom, she’ll most likely know exactly what their child is saying. Some of us can even feel the intention of our child’s words and translate it accordingly. If you need an ear, find a mom who's ready to listen. 

Moms Are Creative Problem Solvers

Creative Moms

Our kids are always going through something. They don’t have as much life experience as the rest of us do, so they face many new and recurring challenges. It’s up to moms to figure out those incoming challenges and prepare our little ones as best as possible. When oppositions can’t be prepared for, we have to think quickly and creatively at the moment to avoid a meltdown. When you can’t decide or can’t find a solution, find a mom. 

Moms Are Patient

Children are constantly teaching us how to be better at just about everything. The one skill our kids are always making sure we have up to par is patience. Our youngsters are learning the way the world works. They are therefore always testing the boundaries of society’s rules. We’ve all seen kids behaving in ways that make us question a mom’s parenting. Trust me, we’re doing our job and so is our child. Embarrassing moments are just part of the gig. Moms have thus come to expand our patience for these abrupt, disconcerting moments. Yes, we have days when said patience has slimmed down to a veil. We need to be replenished, too, but for the most part, a cucumber’s cool has nothing on a mom’s.

Moms Are Amazing!

Amazing Moms

There’s plenty more to love about moms. We have the responsibility of raising one or more blank slates into fully functioning beings. Our work is often thankless, misconstrued, and seemingly never-ending. Yes, we possess a greater than usual amount of organization abilities, listening skills, creativity, and patience. We make mistakes, too, but you won’t find anyone more willing to do what they can to improve a situation like a mom.

What’s your favorite thing about a mom you know? Have you considered applying to be their best friend? Tip: bring us our favorite beverage with said application, be it wine, tea, coffee, kombucha, or a smoothie. You’ll get brownie points and probably literal brownies, too.


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