Making The Most Of Parenting Deals On “Cyber Monday”
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Making The Most Of Parenting Deals On “Cyber Monday”

How can you make the most of “Cyber Monday” this year? Check out this blog post on the latest apps and tricks to keep your shopping list organized and to help you score the best deals!

We’re about to close in on the biggest shopping season of the year. We all know about the thousands of deal hunters that flood the stores on “Black Friday,” but in recent years, many people have been avoiding the malls and focusing on Cyber Monday (the first Monday after Thanksgiving) instead. Why attempt to beat the rowdy, tired shoppers on Black Friday when you can shop from the comfort of your own home? It sounds like a busy mama’s dream!

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Here are the top apps of 2019 for earning cashback and tracking deals on Cyber Monday:

1. Rakuten

Stores that participate with Rakuten (formerly eBates) offer percentage cashback from your purchase if you are a member. You have to sign into Rakuten first, before taking advantage of the deal on the store’s website. Rakuten also has a “hot deals” option, which displays the cashback options with the store’s current sales. So, to maximize your savings, you can combine the cashback through Rakuten with a sale or promotion that a retailer is doing for Cyber Monday.

2. Ibotta

To use Ibotta, users upload a photo of their receipt from participating retailers in order to receive cashback into their Ibotta account. Ibotta is mainly focused on groceries, but it also offers deals on hotels, car rentals, and accommodation services. Using Ibotta during the holidays can be a great way to save on your overall purchases!

3. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is another cashback site. It puts together coupons, cashback offers, and sales from major stores and services. The app also has a section entirely dedicated to Black Friday deals. They work with major retailers such as Target, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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So, how can you stay organized as you gear up for Cyber Monday?

1. Make a shopping list ahead of time.

Don’t go into Cyber Monday without a plan in mind - chances are, you will be drawn to things you don’t actually need. Figure out who you are shopping for and the stores most likely to have items those people want. Write out a list of family members, friends, and coworkers you need to buy gifts for, and jot down one or two ideas for each. That way, on Cyber Monday, you have a checklist you can go down as you purchase gifts for people. This also gives you some time to figure out typical prices for items you’re interested in ahead of time, so you can spot a good deal or a promotion that’s not worth the hype.

2. Check out promotions, commercials, ads, and mailers leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Start paying attention in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving about what stores are offering. There are even entire websites available dedicated just to Cyber Monday deals. Do a quick Internet search to find them! If you prefer to shop deals at specific stores, check their websites and social media pages for information on deals they might be running for Cyber Monday. Television commercials and catalogs are a great place to deal hunt, too!

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3. Try messing around with the apps listed above before Cyber Monday.

Download and set up your accounts with Rakuten, Ibotta, or RetailMeNot ahead of time. You’ll want to have everything set up and working before Monday. Learn how to use the apps properly before you begin shopping on Cyber Monday.

4. Pay attention to timing.

Some deals are only available during a certain window of time. This is probably because companies have a limited supply to offer. Pay attention to when the deals go “live” and maybe set an alarm on your phone! For the most part, the best deals come in the morning.

5. Make sure you have access to reliable Internet!

The Internet is going to be jam-packed on Monday. You will not want to lose out on a good deal because your Internet crashes! Find a good location with a reliable Internet connection before you begin shopping.

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Follow these tips and tricks, and you’ll be sure to have a successful shopping day! Also, be sure to stay tuned on the KeaBabies social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest deals and promotions - we have some great savings in store for our wonderful community! 


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