Journaling For A Happy, Healthy Pregnancy
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Journaling For A Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Journaling can be an excellent way to improve mental health and record important milestones. The KeaBabies Pregnancy Journal is perfect for any mom-to-be who wants to enjoy and remember all the important milestones of pregnancy and birth.

Journaling can be an excellent way to improve mental health and record important milestones. During pregnancy, your body goes through immense hormonal and physical changes that can lead to anxiety and agitation. Keeping a journal can help alleviate some of those pregnancy nerves while allowing you to keep a record of special moments throughout the long nine months. The KeaBabies Pregnancy Journal is perfect for any mom-to-be who wants to enjoy and remember all the important milestones of pregnancy and birth. 

journaling during pregnancy

Journaling is a great way to record your personal thoughts and insights. Pregnancy looks different for every woman, and writing down your thoughts and emotions throughout the long months of growing your baby can help alleviate stress. Journaling is a great activity because it’s a simple, free way to manage stress and anxiety. Research shows that journaling for even 15 minutes per day can help improve overall mental health by promoting feelings of stability and wellbeing. Journaling can help stop obsessive thinking about nerve wracking or traumatic events. It can create an awareness of your emotions and feelings about a certain situation by writing about them in a non-judgmental context where you are free to explore your thoughts and insights. 

Keeping a journal can also help pregnant women narrow down their worries and concerns and make it easier to discuss those concerns with their doctor. By recording their thoughts on paper, expecting moms can better remember what they’d like to discuss during prenatal appointments. Journaling can also encourage a mother to reach out for help or social support when needed.

journaling during pregnancy

The KeaBabies Pregnancy Journal is the perfect gift for any modern mom-to-be. From your first bump pictures to the birth of your beautiful baby, this journal has a spot to record it all! Pregnancy can seem long and overwhelming, but taking it day by day and spending time journaling about your thoughts and emotions can make the time pass easier. Every day that passes brings you one step closer to meeting your sweet little baby. By journaling your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, you can channel your anticipation and excitement in a positive way as you build up to your little one’s arrival. Recording all your  feelings and milestones will allow you to hold onto these memories for years to come! 

What does the KeaBabies Pregnancy Journal contain? 

The KeaBabies Pregnancy Journal is 9” by 7.5” and contains 80 beautiful pages of journaling areas. It even comes with a sonogram picture slot and an envelope to contain special pregnancy keepsakes! Encouraging quotes line the beautifully illustrated pages of this adorable journal. It is divided into chapters so you can record each stage of your pregnancy journal! 

pregnancy journal contents

Chapter 1: The Discovery and Announcement 

Chapter 2: First Visit to the Doctor 

Chapter 3: First Trimester

Chapter 4: Second Trimester 

Chapter 5: Third Trimester

Chapter 6: The Plan 

Chapter 7: The Birth 

It even includes checklists so you won’t forget any of the essentials! Find master lists for buying baby gear, collecting baby clothes, and packing your hospital bag. Gearing up for your baby’s arrival is simple if you follow these easy lists! 

KeaBabies Pregnancy Journal Book

This book has a modern design, with a pink floral cover with shiny gold details. It comes in a wonderful gift box, which would make a great baby shower gift or can even be used as a prop for a pregnancy announcement! You can swap out the ultrasound photo on the front cover for each trimester as you catalogue your journey to meeting your little one. 

The keepsake envelope can be used to store small trinkets you collect throughout the pregnancy, such as ultrasound images, hospital bands, pregnancy announcements or birth announcements, test results, cards, or baby shower games. 

baby shower gift

If you or someone you know is expecting, be sure to grab this new pregnancy journal! Journaling is wonderful for reducing anxiety and stress, and this beautiful journal from KeaBabies is the perfect way to treasure all the ups and downs of pregnancy for years to come!

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