How to Reset Your Family

How to Reset Your Family

One of the reasons we create a family is to enjoy togetherness. However, because of our varied interests, hobbies, jobs, and the day to day, we lose connection with each other. 

Resetting the family is important because it reminds us of the love we share. As the world gets more divided due to quarantine, we're reminded of the impact of a family's bond to our overall health. Here's a list of suggestions on how to reset your family's value of bonding. Try at least one of these techniques this week to re-engage with your family. 

Sites By Car

re-engaging with the family

We're limited these days as far as where we can go and in what numbers we can gather. If you're looking for something to do with the family that doesn't require social engagement with others, consider taking a sightseeing drive. 

You've probably driven around your neighborhood or city before with some destination in mind. Use this trip for the enjoyment of seeing things in a new way with your family. There are also plenty of games you can play in the car as well. Keep a fun reward in mind. For example, let the winner pick lunch for the day. Don't forget to grab one of our on the go accessories to make this trip so much easier!

Write Thank You Notes
personal notes for recognition

A lot of what parents, children, and other members of the family do for each other often go unrecognized. We become complacent with things we think are "supposed" to be automatic. 

Saying thank you is an excellent form of recognition, but a thank you note is more personal because it requires effort, thought, and time. Take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour writing thank you notes to each other. Each member of the family can get one or more depending on how much time you have for this exercise. This activity is even better with colorful paper, paint, stickers, and markers. 

A personal note from the person you love will feel good, so be specific about what you're thanking someone for. You'll be surprised what has been noticed.

Games Promoting Laughter

family games for bonding

Anyone in any family can play a game. We all know sometimes certain games can bring out the competitive side in us, leaving one person feeling great because they've won and someone else feeling down over a loss. Competition sparks comparison, which steals joy and doesn't bring the family together. 

Try playing a game that promotes laughter. Laughing releases stress hormones and relaxes everyone in the family to a neutral or happy state. When anyone in the family feels good, that energy uplifts everyone else in the household. Try a talent show, a group charade, or remix an old competitive favorite into a family bonding experience.


expressing feelings and honesty

It's always important to be honest with each other, but why don't most of us practice this? Trying to save ourselves from embarrassment or hurting each other's feelings is usually the root of dishonesty. We get so concerned with wanting to please our parents or to make our child happy, we tell a white lie or two to keep the peace.

For a strong foundation and bond longevity, we must practice sincerity. Finding a safe way to tell the truth to each other is the first step. Honesty doesn't have to be a scary topic. It isn't something that should be avoided because we assume hurt is the only result of truth telling.

It's harder for us as parents to do our job if we are feeling weighed down by holding secrets. It's fundamental to teach our children how to be honest and how to express their feelings.

Together is Better

I hope you found one or more of these tips helpful in resetting your family. Consider how amazing it would be to take a mini trip around town, how cup filling thank you notes are, how games that promote joy increases well being, and how sincerity can revitalize the connection of your family.

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Parenting is awesome. Sleep is overrated. Every day is an adventure. 


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