DIY Halloween Costumes With KeaBabies
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DIY Halloween Costumes With KeaBabies

Do you enjoy doing DIY Halloween costumes? Here are some simple ideas for great costumes you can make at home, using your favorite KeaBabies products!

Halloween costumes can be pricey, especially since your little one will most likely only wear it one time! Why not make your own costumes at home? Making DIY Halloween costumes is easy, fun, inexpensive, and you can even incorporate your favorite KeaBabies products into your little one’s look!

The best KeaBabies products to use as the foundation for your DIY costume are the headbands or bandana bibs. These adorable accessories work perfectly in a number of costumes. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Cowboy

    KeaBabies product: “US of A” bandana bib set

This is a simple costume theme for the whole family. Dress your little one like a cowboy with a vest, cowboy hat, sheriff badge, jeans, and use the red bib from the “US of A” set as the bandana!

2. Strawberry
    KeaBabies product: Any KeaBabies bandana bib

baby bandana drool bibs

Is your family going with a food theme this year? Your baby can join in on the fun! Dress your little one as an adorable strawberry with this DIY costume. Get a red onesie and decorate the “seeds” using black fabric paint. To make the stem and leaves, all you need is a KeaBabies bandana bib and some green felt or construction paper! You can attach some green felt in the shape of a triangle over the bandana bib (you can use any color/pattern since it will be covered with felt) and then create more leaves to go around the top of the onesie.

3.Garden Gnome
  KeaBabies product: “US of A” bandana bib set

bandana bibs for boys

The white bib from the “US of A” bandana bib set would make a perfect “beard” for a garden gnome costume! You could even attach a few cotton balls or white felt to look like hair. The rest of the gnome outfit is simple: get a blue long-sleeved shirt, navy blue pants, and create a belt using brown felt or a long piece of brown construction paper.

4. Flower Pot
    KeaBabies product: “Sweet Adore” headband set

Many baby costumes are nature-themed. Dress your little girl as an adorable flower in a flower pot using the flower headband from the “Sweet Adore” set. Have your baby wear a green onesie as the flower stem, and then create the flower pot using cardboard or brown construction paper. This costume is great for babywearing because the “flower pot” can be constructed to cover the baby carrier!

5. Snow White
    KeaBabies product: “Garden Party” headband set

baby girl bow and headbands

Are you from a family of Disney lovers? Your baby can dress up as Snow White without going out and buying an expensive costume! Do your own Snow White outfit using the large pink bow from the “Garden Party” headband set. For Snow White’s outfit, use a blue short-sleeved onesie (you can sew or use felt to add a collar), a yellow tutu, and a red or pink large piece of ribbon for the belt. Using a bold pink will tie together the KeaBabies headband with the rest of the costume!

6. Simple Ghost
  KeaBabies product: “Sweet Pastel” headband set

This is one of the easiest DIY costumes! Simply dress your baby in a white onesie or dress, with white leggings or pants, paint or glue on construction paper to make the ghost’s eyes and mouth on the front of the dress or shirt, and pair with an adorable KeaBabies headband (the white one from the “Sweet Pastel” collection would be great!).

We hope these ideas help you craft your fabulous DIY Halloween costumes this year! If you come up with your own ideas using KeaBabies products, be sure to show us on our Facebook page!


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