Diaper Changing On The Go With The KeaBabies Diaper Changing Pad
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Diaper Changing On The Go With The KeaBabies Diaper Changing Pad

When you’re out and about, the last thing you want to worry about is diaper changing! With the portable KeaBabies Baby Diaper Changing Pad, diaper changes on the go are simple and fast!

When you’re out and about, the last thing you want to worry about is diaper changing. Will there be a changing table? Will the restroom line be too long? Will you have to change baby in your car? 

Make your outings worry-free with the KeaBabies EZEE Diaper Mat

The EZEE Diaper Mat by KeaBabies is the newest product in our lineup and it’s perfect for those short outings to the park, to the mall, to a playdate, or to pick up older children from school! 

The EZEE Diaper Mat is the perfect addition to any modern mom’s collection of baby gear.

portable diaper changing pad

Like all products in the KeaBabies family, the EZEE Diaper Mat is all about creating wonderful moments with your little one! Don’t worry about difficult diaper changes on the go - with the KeaBabies Diaper Mat, your little one will be clean in no time!


Here are some of the ways the KeaBabies EZEE Diaper Mat stands out from the crowd: 

  • Lightweight. 

  • The diaper mat is lightweight and compact, making it easy to grab and go. It’s essential for all new parents! It can be easily tucked underneath a stroller, next to you in the car, or in a shopping bag. Don’t get bogged down with heavy baby gear - the KeaBabies EZEE Mat is light and easy to carry. 


  • Modern. 

    This diaper changing mat is essential for modern parents. It’s a sleek design and detachable strap that makes it classy and trendy. You can even carry it as a clutch! The gender-neutral gray color pairs well with any baby gear, whether you have a little boy or a little girl! Use this sleek changing pad on all your quick adventures! 


  • Versatile. 

    Stay hands-free wherever you go! This diaper changing pad is lightweight but durable. The detachable strap makes it easy to use in different ways, whether you’re carrying it as a clutch or clipping it to a stroller or shopping cart. You can hang it on your arm, or remove the strap and place inside a diaper bag or backpack. You can even store keys or other small items in the front pocket!


    •   Functional. 

    The KeaBabies brand is all about creating wonderful moments between parents and children. This diaper changing mat is both beautiful and functional. It’s perfect for quick outings when you don’t want to drag along a lot of baby gear. For quick trips to the store, to carpool duty, to walks to the park, the EZEE Diaper Mat is essential for all parents. 

    There is a detachable mat, three spacious compartments, and a detachable strap. This changing pad makes diaper changes on the go a breeze. You can store diapers and wipes, or other small items like diaper rash cream in the compartments. 


  • Quality. 

  • The changing mat is large and padded for your baby’s optimum level of comfort. There is a padded pillow to gently cushion your baby’s head on hard surfaces. The EZEE Diaper Mat is made of quality, thick padded foam to keep your baby comfortable and secure. The surface is made of the waterproof lining that easily wipes clean. The changing mat is even machine washable (machine wash on cold, tumble dry low) - perfect for busy parents who don’t have time to wash things by hand!

    baby changing pad portable

    KeaBabies Tips For Modern Parents: 

    1. Keep wet wipes or disinfecting wipes on hand to wipe the EZEE Diaper Mat clean after each use. 

    2. Don’t have time to scrub the mat by hand? Throw it in the washing machine on the cold!

    3. Does your baby squirm during changes? Keep a small toy or book in one of the compartments to keep your little one entertained during diaper changes. 

    4. The EZEE Diaper Mat comes in adorable packaging, making it a great baby shower or Christmas gift! 

    5. Need to run a quick errand? Bring the EZEE Diaper Mat along - the strap makes it clip easily to your baby’s stroller, infant seat, or shopping cart!

    diaper changing mat

    The EZEE Diaper Mat by KeaBabies makes diaper changes on the go easy and simple! It is both durable and lightweight, making it easy to grab and go! Don’t let diaper changes hold you back from accomplishing your to-do list. With the KeaBabies EZEE Diaper Mat, you’ll be able to stay hands-free during your shorter outings.



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