Changing Your Parenting Mindset
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Changing Your Parenting Mindset

Parenting is a journey that is full of challenges. Joy, amazement, wonder, frustration, fatigue are all part of this journey. That's what makes it wonderful, rich and colorful. One particular phrase we learnt in our parenthood journey stood out that helped us tremendously...

Parenting is awesome. Sleep is overrated. Everyday is an adventure.

Here at KeaBabies, this is our mantra.

We all love our kids to the moon and back right? But as parents ourselves, we also know that parenting can be challenging, tiring, and overwhelming at times.  

Sometimes, it feels as if we barely made it through the day.

However, there is one important phrase that we learnt that changed our perspective on parenting: “I get to be the one”.

Instead of “I have to”, change your perspective to “I get to.”

Instead of “I have to fix their breakfast, lunch and dinner”, think of it as “I get to fix them a meal and hear about their day, or spend some quality time with them over a meal”

I get to be the one to see them drift off to sleep every night and that is the most adorable thing.

I get to be the one to watch them grow through their infancy and toddler hood and more.

I get to be the one to dry their tears and comfort them when they are hurt.

I get to be the one to teach them to crawl, to walk, and to run.

I get to be the one to hold their little hands.

Your children are little only once.

Being able to be there is a gift.

There will be times where your to-do list 5 pages long, your baby is going through regression and keeps crying every hour. You ask yourself is everything worth it. Yes, it is. Every bit of it. and More.

There are so many firsts in your children’s lives. And even more seconds and thirds. But we will never know when it will be the last.

The last time they want to hold your hands.

The last time they ask for a hug.

The last time they cry in front of you.

So try to change your mindset to the other side of the flip coin. And say “I get to be the one”. Say it aloud – it helps! And treasure every moment with your kids.

After you conclude the chapter on that stage of parenting, you’ll find that you wouldn’t trade any of those exhausting days for anything else in the world.

Lindsay Hudson

Meet Our KeaMommy Contributor: Lindsay Hudson

Lindsay is a freelance writer who is mom to a lovely daughter. She loves dressing in matching outfits with her daughter and bringing their 2 dogs out for their daily walk.

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