Car Seat Accessories To Help Your Baby Have A Great Ride, Every Time
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Car Seat Accessories To Help Your Baby Have A Great Ride, Every Time

Is your baby fussy every time you get in the car? With the right setup and car seat accessories, your kids will have a better drive, every time!

Bright, beautiful days mean lots of driving and adventures, which is lots of fun until you're a driver stuck with a fussy baby in the back seat! If you find your little one suddenly hates the car seat, be sure to look into safe and fun car seat accessories to make drives a little easier on everyone!

For parents who are interested in making car rides easier, there are many great car and seat accessories available in stores and online with fast shipping! Help the driver have a better time in the car by looking into safe ways to make your little one more comfortable in the car.

A note about car seat safety and car seat accessories: 

Infant baby girl in car seat

Car seats are rigorously crash-tested to be as safe as possible for little ones, so that parents can rest assured that their baby or toddler is safe in the back seat. A quality car seat is necessary for all car rides, but not all babies love being strapped into a baby car seat for extended periods of time (or even short journeys!).

There are many car seat accessories available to buy these days, and while many of them claim to provide fun, comfort and convenience, not all of them are safe. There are many products available to help little ones become more interested in the car; however, safety should be the top priority for caregivers when choosing car seat accessories.

1. Sun shield

If you live in warmer parts of the country, you'll want to protect your baby's sensitive skin against boiling-hot car seats and buckles on hot days. Imagine how uncomfortable it is for you to slide into a super hot car, the fabric digging into your skin.

You'll want to make your baby's car seat more comfortable by purchasing a sun shield, a car seat protector that is made from many layers of high strength, water-resistant material that acts as a heat shield to protect the car seat and seat belt buckles from overheating. It is easy to remove for safe travel when you're ready to put your baby back in the car! A seat protector can work with many different car seats and is a great way to keep your kids more comfortable in the car.

2. Window shades 

Playful children in the car

Bright, sunny days are fun for adventures...but not so much when the light is shining directly at your face in the car! Your baby might be uncomfortable in the car seat because of too much sunlight pouring through their window.

Portable window shades can stick or suction to the car window, blocking out the sun's intense rays. Not only are the sun's rays unpleasant, they can also cause overheating and even sunburn. Window shades can keep your baby or toddler cool and protected.

Window shades come in many styles and patterns. Choose one with a fun pattern or character on it to keep your baby interested during the drive.

3. Toy storage

Children and toys go together like ice cream and chocolate sauce, or on some days, like Bonnie and Clyde! Since bringing the entire toy bin along for a quick trip to the store is impractical, how can the kids be kept entertained without it looking like the toys exploded all over the car?

To keep the children's toys organized in the comfort and convenience of the car, consider a storage tote that will sit between the back seats. It can hold anything children may need or desire while in their car seats and keep it comfortably within their reach.

4. Car seat mirrors 

driving mother checking on her baby using KeaBabies Car Seat Mirror

Infant car seats are designed for rear-facing until the child outgrows the height or weight maximum designated by the manufacturer. Rear-facing seats are safer for your child, but it can make it much more difficult to check on your baby while driving.

One of the best car seat accessories is a car seat mirror that attaches to the headrest in front of your little one. This is a great way to provide a little entertainment for your baby while driving, and a way for the drive to keep an eye on their child from the rear-view mirror.

It is of utmost importance to make sure the car seat mirror and any other accessories are compatible with your vehicle's safety guidelines. Any object that is not securely fastened and installed properly can become a dangerous projectile in the event of a car crash. 

The KeaBabies Car Seat Mirror 

how to install a baby car seat mirror

The KeaBabies Baby Car Seat Mirror is one of the best car seat accessories out there! Using a car seat mirror can make a parent's life easier because their little one can watch themselves in the mirror, and parents can keep an eye on their baby during drives. This accessory is beneficial whether you have a sedan, a van, or an SUV. Your baby or toddler will appreciate being able to see their reflection and play!

The KeaBabies Baby Car Seat Mirror features a large, crystal-clear shatter-resistant display that is crash tested and certified. It is compatible with all types of vehicles, including MPVs and SUVs. The mirror can change position and contains a "smooth 360" ball rotational hinge so that the driver can get the perfect viewing angle from the rearview mirror. It is compatible with all types of headrests, and can be installed using a "+" buckle pattern or a "x" buckle pattern. It comes fully assembled and is super easy to install. There is even an instructional video to make installation easy for anyone.

The unique wide-angle view that the mirror gives the driver helps them monitor their rear-facing baby car seat during drives. Keep your little one in view at all times with ease by installing the KeaBabies Baby Car Seat Mirror, one of the best car seat accessories available!

5. Toy/gear organizer

Babies and kids require a lot of accessories. From diapers and wipes, to snacks and bottles, to toys and games, keeping everything organized in the car can be difficult!

Consider buying a car organizer that can help keep all of their gear in one place for ultimate convenience. A storage tote can sit between the seats or on the floor, and hold everything within arm's reach. A car organizer can be a small or large size, and depends on how much baby gear you plan to bring along on the ride.

Car seat accessories can make any drive a little easier for parents. 

Baby girl smile in car

From window shades to car seat mirrors, making the car a comfortable place for your baby or toddler can make any drive fun and safe.

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