Babywearing With KeaBabies Wrap: Do's and Don'ts

  • Published on: 28 Aug 2020
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Babywearing With KeaBabies Wrap: Do's and Don'ts

Babies love to be close to their parent and they love being held at all times. As parents, we get really busy during the day and we would like to finish our chores and errands before the day ends. It is almost impossible for us to do anything without distractions. 

That's where we get frustrated. 

With the right baby wrap carrier, you get the best of both, your baby sleeping soundly by your side and you get to complete your chores with minimal distractions.

Babywearing with KeaBabies wrap is simple and easy after 2-3 tries. 

With KeaBabies, we use 2 way premium stretch fabric which provides just enough stretch to place your baby into the wrap carrier and it ensures that your baby does not sag after long usage. He/she will feel safe and snug in your KeaBabies wrap carrier, which mimics the womb environment. This helps in physical and brain development for your baby.

It is the perfect beginner's baby wrap carrier for modern parents who are exploring babywearing for the first time. 

In this post, we will explore the correct babywearing position and, do's and don'ts. If you have not tried wrapping your baby wrap carrier, please watch video tutorial here

In order to get the maximum benefits out of babywearing, we strongly recommend you read through and follow the instructions closely from this blog post. Happy Babywearing!

Here are the top 3 important steps you have to take note when using your Baby Wrap Carrier:

1. At which height should you place the KeaBabies logo label before you start tying the wrap?

2. How much space is required to place baby in the KeaBabies wrap carrier?

3. What is the correct baby's seating posture and positions?

1. At which height should you place the KeaBabies label before you start tying the wrap?

 Under Boobs: 

1-2 Inches Below Boobs:

  • Newborn Hug Hold Position for Breastfeeding in Wrap Carrier: For 0-3 months
  • Regular Hold Position: For 3-10 months

Just Above Belly Button:

1-2 Inches Below Belly Button:

*Note: These are just recommendations and does not represent the actual fitting of the KeaBabies baby wrap carrier. Position is dependent of the user's height and size. Please send us an email to request for a fit check.

Here's an example of KeaBabies logo label just above belly button:

baby wrap carrier instructions

2. How much space is required to place baby in the KeaBabies wrap carrier?

We would recommend you to follow the height of the logo label positions before you start wrapping to ensure enough space to place your baby into your KeaBabies wrap carrier.

Wrap the KeaBabies wrap carrier loosely around your baby, the KeaBabies wrap should not feel tight around your body before you place baby into the KeaBabies wrap carrier. 

3. What is the correct baby's seating posture and positions?

Once you have your baby inside the KeaBabies wrap carrier, 3 simple checks to remember. 

1. M-squat 

2. C-shape spine

3. Baby's head is close enough to kiss 

What is M-squat and how to achieve M-squat position?

Your baby's leg must be in M-squat position at all times as seen in the picture below. Ensure that the inner X of the wrap is spread out underside of baby's knee to knee on each side, forming a nice seat before you cover the whole of baby's back with the logo label panel of the KeaBabies wrap carrier.

baby carrier wraps
baby wraps

What is C-shape spine and how to achieve that?

Form a nice seat by spreading each side of the inner-X fabric panel of the KeaBabies wrap carrier from underside of baby's knee to knee. Your baby will get a nice and comfortable seating posture which will allow their spine to curve up in a natural C-shape which mimics their posture in the womb. This enhances your baby's physical development and allows their spine to grow and develop naturally with time. 

Why must baby's head be close enough to kiss?

This is to ensure that baby's head are high enough on your chest to provide clear airways hence reducing the risk of suffocation. 

baby wrap carriers

What are the common mistakes?

1. Outer logo label panel is not pulled up, or panel is pulled up too low. The outer logo label panel helps to keep your baby safe and secure inside the KeaBabies Wrap Carrier. Make sure that it is pulled up to cover your baby's shoulder.

2. Baby's leg is not in M-squat. As seen in the picture below, the inner-X panel was not spread out  from baby's knee to knee to form a seat. This cause baby's legs to appear to be dangling from the baby wrap carrier.

3. Wearing your baby wrap carrier too low. Your baby's head should be at your chest level to ensure clear airways. 

Vlog Instruction Video Tutorial

Our lovely KeaMommy Contributor, Ruthe Terra has filmed a vlog style baby wrap carrier instructions for our KeaParents Community. 


I hope that you will enjoy babywearing as much I do! Create wonderful moments with your little one by getting your very own KeaBabies wrap carrier. Get yours here!

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