Baby Wearing Basics: When Can I Start Using My Wrap Carrier?
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Baby Wearing Basics: When Can I Start Using My Wrap Carrier?

You’ve got your wrap, you’ve practiced how to tie it – now what? When can you actually start wearing your baby in the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier? ...

You’ve got your wrap, you’ve practiced how to tie it – now what? When can you actually start wearing your baby in the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier?

If you’ve given birth, the answer is NOW!

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The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier is safe for newborns up to 25lbs toddlers, meaning your wrap will grow and adapt with you to suit your baby’s changing needs! Not only is it one-size-fits-all for KeaParents, but it’s also a one-size-fits-all for babies. 

If your baby is born without any health complications and is around 8lbs, you may begin wearing a baby safely and securely in a wrap carrier. The “Newborn Hug Hold” position is a perfect way to begin babywearing with a newborn, because of the natural curvature of their body. Newborns like to be scrunched up in a “frog” position, similar to how they slept in the womb. The Newborn Hug Hold keeps a baby firmly snuggled against your chest, mimicking the sensations of being carried in the womb.

 Nothing is more precious and valuable than your sweet little baby, and KeaBabies seeks to ensure that you feel safe wearing your baby, no matter their size. Some parents might think they need to wait 6 weeks before using a baby carrier, but many baby carriers, including the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier, are designed for use from day 1!

Here are some safety techniques to ensure a newborn is being carried properly in a wrap:

  • Always make sure you can see the baby’s face. Don’t let baby bury their face in your chest, or up against the wrap’s fabric. This can lead to suffocation. Make sure your clothing isn’t so loose-fitting that you lose sight of the baby’s face.
  • Make sure that baby is “close enough to kiss.” Can you bend your neck and kiss the top of the baby’s head? That means your baby is being carried high enough on your body. If the baby is carried too low, chances of slipping out of position are more likely.
  • Always keep your baby in an upright position to allow for proper breathing and airflow. Check that your baby’s chin isn’t pressed firmly against their chest. This restricts their airways.
  • Choose proper clothes for your baby while wearing them in a carrier. Remember, one of the perks of babywearing is that your body heat helps baby regulate their own temperature. Babies can very easily get overheated. Take into account your body warmth when dressing baby for a wrap carrier. Try not to bundle them up too much to prevent dangerous fluctuations in body temperature.
  • Check that the wrap is properly tied around your body before placing your baby inside. Check that the wrap is not too loose or too snug. Check that knots are secure and that there are no holes in the fabric. Try watching an online tutorial and practicing a few times before actually wearing your baby. There are great tutorials on the KeaBabies website!
  • Be careful of your own positioning and activity while wearing your baby. Doing sports while wearing a baby is dangerous, but activities such as hiking and walking are perfectly safe. If you need to bend down, bend at your knees (not your waist), to make sure that baby stays in an upright position.
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 So, when exactly should you start wearing your baby?

You can pack your wrap carrier in your hospital bag if you’d like it! As soon as the baby is born (minus any health complications), your baby is prepared to be worn. Closeness to mother and father is very important for newborn babies, which is why many hospitals are encouraging hours of skin-to-skin contact immediately following delivery. Skin-to-skin is beneficial for moms who are breastfeeding because contact with baby stimulates their body’s milk production. Skin-to-skin is wonderful for dads, and this kind of contact helps a newborn baby regulate their body temperature. Babywearing is just another form of skin-to-skin closeness between baby and caregiver. Newborn babies should be carried as much as possible in the early days.

 Why is a wrap carrier ideal for brand-new babies?

Newborns lack head and neck control. Wrap carriers ensure that their back, neck, and head is supported at all times. A baby’s head is huge in proportion to the rest of their body – it accounts for about 1/3 of their weight! It takes 2-4 months for a baby to develop strength in their head and neck muscles. Wrap carriers are ideal because they provide adjustability, comfort, and security to support a baby’s fragile, developing body. The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier supports a baby’s back and neck with pieces of fabric that are tied around the caregiver’s body.

In the Newborn Hug Hold, a baby is cushioned inside little “pockets” of fabric that allow their body to safely nestle inside the carrier. In this position, a newborn’s hips, bottom, back, neck, and head are all safely supported in a comfortable position.

 Why should you wear your newborn baby?

Wearing a newborn promotes feelings of secure attachment, something that will develop as the bond between parents and child evolves. Wearing a newborn gives them a sense of peace and security because the position mimics their time in the womb. Babywearing can ease baby through the difficult “fourth trimester” as they experience the brand-new world around them. Everyday life can be very stimulating for a new little one – the sights, sounds, light, noise, people, smells – can all be frightening for a newborn. Wearing a baby allows them to remain close to mom or dad while still experiencing little snapshots of the outside world. Babywearing can also prevent gas and colic. It also promotes a healthy breastfeeding relationship between mother and child, if that is how you choose to feed your baby. Babywearing can also be a great way to soothe a newborn baby to sleep. The rocking motion and closeness to mom or dad helps a baby drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Remember, you don’t have to wait to wear your newborn baby! Even in the earliest days of life, babywearing can be beneficial for both parents and babies. The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier provides the comfort and safety your baby needs to be worn properly and securely!

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