Baby Name Inspiration for 2024
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Baby Name Inspiration for 2024

Trying to plan your new baby's name? Be sure to check out our list of predictions for the trendiest baby names of 2024!

Whether you want to name your baby something unusual, a family name, or a timeless classic, sifting through baby names can be a daunting task! Many parents worry about naming their baby the "right" name, or one that suits their particular child's personality and looks - but choosing the perfect baby name can take some time.

From gender neutral names to baby names with classic style, here are our predictions for the hottest baby names of 2024.

Predictions for Popular Baby Names 2024: 

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Featured baby names:

What will be some up-and-coming baby names for this year? While it's definitely still too early to tell, here are some examples of what you might see as trendy baby names of 2024.

Among the trends of the year are unique names, like Kahlani, Ophelia, Eloise, Florence, Fern, Eden, Izzy, Rue, Willow, Artemis, Cordelia, and Guinevere.

Popular names will probably be similar to last year's names: Olivia, Amelia, Emma, Noah, Liam, and Oliver.

Gender-neutral names:

Some parents pick more neutral names for their children. This can be especially helpful if they are choosing to enjoy the pregnancy as "team green," meaning they won't find out the sex of their baby until the birth. Not knowing whether you're having a boy or a girl can make picking out the baby's name difficult - but not if you fall in love with a gender-neutral name!

Gender-neutral names are on the rise! More and more names are being added to the list of what is considered "neutral" as the years go on!

Some popular baby names that can be considered gender-neutral in 2024 are:

  • Atlas

  • Adrian

  • Bailey

  • Beck

  • Camden

  • Finn

  • Harlowe

  • Carter

  • Taylor

  • Dakota

  • Logan

  • Jules

  • Jamie

  • Elliott

  • Remy

Names ending with specific letters:

Many modern parents are choosing to name their child with a specific ending in mind, like "-leigh" or "ey." These are names like Finley, Ryleigh, Everleigh, Ashleigh, Kayleigh, Zoey, Casey, Huxley, or Harvey. Some parents continue this theme with multiple babies, picking a name that has the same ending or rhymes. Non-traditional spellings are beginning to climb the charts.

Names that honor people:

Instead of choosing a trendy or popular name, many parents choose a name that has a special meaning because it honors someone special in their lives. These names matter, and they pay respect to any important person (like a friend or family member). You find that the perfect name for your baby is one that reminds you of someone else special who came before them.

Naming your baby after a loved one is a way to remember their story and the way they impacted your life. With a name that reminds you of someone special, you'll cherish your child and never forget who they are named after.

Newer name trends for the new year:

One of the coolest baby name trends for the new year is baby names with cute old-fashioned nicknames. Think of names like Poppy, Josie, Sunny, Rosie, Millie, Charlie, and more. These nicknames are sweet versions of their full names with timeless appeal.

Another trend that might produce the most popular baby names of 2024 is nature-inspired names. If you want to name your baby something to honor natural beauty, consider names like Sky, Juniper, Poppy, Rose, Wren, Aspen, or Magnolia.

For baby boy names, another trend might be one-syllable names, like Tate, George, Luke, Miles, and Jack.

Popular boy names: 

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The top boy names have stayed fairly consistent on the charts during recent years. Noah, Liam, and Oliver continue to be popular choices for parents who have baby boys. Other top names for boys symbolize strength, power, Biblical heroes, or cultural ties. More classical names are beginning to climb the charts again, with Henry, William, Benjamin, George, and Michael increasing in popularity.

Here are some of the recent top baby boy names that will most likely continue into this year.

  • Noah

  • Liam

  • Oliver

  • Elijah

  • Lucas

  • Ezra

  • Mateo

  • Levi

  • Asher

  • James

  • Michael

  • Henry

  • Elias

  • Luca

  • Mason

  • Avery

Popular girl names: 

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Popular baby names for girls are typically soft, dainty, and elegant. Olivia continues to be a popular name in recent years, as well as names that begin with "A" like Ava, Amelia, Anna, Abigail, Aubrey, Audrey, Alice, Addison, Avery, Aria, Aurora, and Adrianna.

Here are some popular baby girl names that will most likely continue in popularity in 2024.

  • Olivia

  • Amelia

  • Emma

  • Charlotte

  • Isabella

  • Sophia

  • Ava

  • Aurora

  • Luna

  • Mia

  • Ellie

  • Lily

  • Nova

  • Violet

  • Camila

Choosing a baby name is a difficult task sometimes. 

Pregnant woman listing baby name options

Whether you want a timeless classic, or a modern trend, choosing the perfect baby names can be hard for parents. Check out this compilation for the hottest baby names of 2024, and you might just find an example (or two) that stands out from the rest! 

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