4 Ways Working Moms Can Balance Work and Family (And Keep Their Sanity)
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4 Ways Working Moms Can Balance Work and Family (And Keep Their Sanity)

Working moms might feel like there aren't enough hours in the day, but it is possible to have a successful career and still raise kids. Read on to find out more about how working moms can feel like they are doing a great job, both at home and at their workplace.

Working moms often struggle to find balance between work and home life. The job of working mothers often includes juggling a heavy workload coupled with the never-ending responsibilities of family life. Balancing life as a working mom is not impossible, though. When working mothers let go of the guilt, set their expectations reasonably, and set boundaries where they are needed, they can feel confident that they are doing a great job, both at home and at their job.

When moms learn to find balance between work life and home life, they'll stop feeling like they are running in a million directions. Moms can reconnect with their family and simplify their tasks and responsibilities.

1. Figure Out What "Balance" Means To You 

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Work-life balance and consistency is hard, because some responsibilities will always take a bigger role at times. When children get an illness, moms typically have to put parenting as a priority over work as they nurse their child back to health. A mother often doesn't have a choice in the matter, especially if their child has to stay home from school.

2. Get Rid of "Mom Guilt" 

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Say goodbye to mom guilt! We are living in an age where women are valued for more than their mothering abilities and responsibility to keep up a household. Moms can work part-time or full-time, and still be full-time mothers who are doing a fantastic job.

Workplace flexibility is giving more moms the opportunity to decide to go back to work.

With more flexibility in the workplace, and increasing opportunities for remote work, more moms are joining the workforce and succeeding at finding work-life balance. The guilt that plagues working moms can be difficult to overcome, but it is a realistic challenge that they face.

From traditional pressure to stay home and not work, to the neverending guilt about having enough family time, to trying to balance personal life and career goals, it is normal that moms would feel guilty sometimes. Being pulled in two different directions can be hard for a working mother.

Maternity leave presents its own challenges as new moms switch focus.

Taking a maternity leave when a new baby is born can be a challenge for moms as well. They might feel guilty that they only have a limited time at home to bond with their new addition, and feel bad that they have to return to work at some point. It is possible to balance family and work, and even if a baby is cared for by a nanny, babysitter, daycare, or other family member, moms shouldn't be left feeling guilty for returning to their job after having a baby.

Creating boundaries is one simple way to combat mom guilt. You can be a great mom and still work outside of the home. Although moms might feel pressure to put in 100% effort both at their job and at home raising their children, it is okay to get rid of the guilt that comes from working while raising kids.

3. Keep Work and Home Separate 

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It's easier said than done, but it is important to find work-life balance by keeping the two worlds separate. Moms should try not to bring their home life stresses with them to work or feel bad about leaving their children to work outside the house, and they should not feel pressure to bring their work home with them and invade their family time. Spend time setting boundaries and keeping the career pressures and household responsibilities separate.

Feeling a lack of focus at work when worrying about kids at home is normal, but working moms should not feel guilty.

It is normal to feel worry at work, no matter how much time you spend outside the home. At night, try to keep the workplace emails and texts at a minimum (if you even have to answer them at all), and at work, try to concentrate on your specific tasks without fretting about what your child is doing or whether they are in good hands.

Moms can learn to find life balance by relying on outside help.

Keeping work life separate from home life can be hard at times. It might require a mom to rely on her partner more, ask another family member to help more with the kids, hire a maid service to help keep the house clean, or decide to make a little less money but be able to spend more hours at home. Work and family don't have to be in constant competition. Women can find life balance by creating a schedule that helps them stay on track throughout the week and make sure their priorities are being met.

Emergencies happen, and sometimes it's hard to focus.

Of course, emergencies happen, and sometimes working moms need to do some work while they are taking care of their kids, or they need to keep their phone close by to check on their kids throughout the day while they are at work. Finding the best balance takes time, and moms can learn to balance work and home life by setting healthy boundaries.

4. Schedule Me Time 

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To avoid feeling like work tasks or home responsibilities are taking over their entire life, a working mom can create a schedule to help find balance in their priorities. Self-care is important to all moms, regardless of whether they work outside the house or not.

Basic hygiene and maintaining a household are not forms of self-care.

Running errands, cooking dinner for the family, or taking a shower is not considered self-care. Basic hygiene and household duties are not ways for a working mom to take care of themselves. They deserve to take time to do a few things that make them happy outside of being a spouse, a mom, and an employee.

What are a few ways a working mom can take time for herself?

Grabbing a special coffee from a local coffee shop before work, relaxing in bed watching shows at night, going out for dinner with a friend, or engaging in a hobby such as knitting, hiking, or reading a book can all be wonderful ways to prioritize self-care. Getting up early in the morning to work out, finding a hobby outside the house to do once a week, going out with other moms, or scheduling a date night with her partner are all positive ways a working mom can find time to prioritize what makes her happy.

It can be easy to get stuck in a routine, but following these practical tips can make it possible to spend quality time engaging in self-care.

Spending time at work, coming home and cooking dinner, doing the kids' bedtime routine, and then getting up early and doing it all over again can make it difficult for a working parent to find the perfect balance and engage in self-care. It is important to realize that you can be a great parent while setting priorities that include time for yourself.

Balancing work and home life can be a challenge, but it is possible. 

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It is possible for moms to balance work and raising kids. A working mom might feel guilty from time to time, feeling like either the kids or work responsibilities are taking a back seat. Life balance is possible, through setting boundaries, relying on family and friends, creating a solid schedule, and engaging in healthy priorities such as self-care. In this day and age, women can truly have it all - a happy home and a fulfilling, successful career. 

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