Hi, I am Jane and together with my husband, Ivan, we are the founders of KeaBabies. 

The story of KeaBabies begins after the birth of our first son during April 2016. As new parents, we were overwhelmed with joy and exhaustion at the same time, not knowing what will happen next through our son’s growing journey. Everyday is filled with happiness and surprise for us both.

5 months through parenthood, came another surprise that we were expecting our second son. Ivan and I were thrilled to be parents of two, and that our small family of 3 is growing bigger.

Second pregnancy was a breeze during the first and second trimester. However, towards the end of the second trimester, the pregnancy was taking a toll on me… Our first born was about 9 months then, it was the phase where he is constantly wants to be carried and starting to explore the world like a toddler. Being heavily pregnant then, I was unable to carry him and play for long as my back hurts too much. That immense feeling of guilt kicked in every time I see him preferring his caregiver over me. And I questioned myself whether I am being a good mother..

Then came the big blow, Ivan got into a very bad bicycle accident which injured his spinal cord.

I was lost…

After the cervical operation, I had to go down to the hospital everyday to take care of him, leaving my son with the caregiver. This went on for almost 1 month..

Luckily for us, Ivan was able to recover speedily after 3 months of physiotherapy, just in time before our second child is born.

Since then, we decided to build a brand and community where all mothers and fathers can come together to support one another while we embark on our blessed parenthood journey.

KeaBabies is our birth child, inspired by the love for our sons, Keon and Kash.

Coincidentally, during our family trip to New Zealand, we came across the world’s only Alpine Parrot, Kea. Kea is known for being highly intelligent and curious bird. We believe that every child is intelligent and curious little explorers in their own unique way. It gave us even more affirmation to spread the importance of parent-child bond to nurture a child’s full potential.

Today, it has become our mission to promote strong parent-child bonding worldwide through our brand and quality products. We will be donating 1% of all sales proceeds on your behalf to single-parent communities to support this cause.

We wish you all the best in your parenthood journey and create lots of wonderful moments together with your little ones!

With Love,
Jane & Ivan