The Best Care For Baby Hair

The Best Care For Baby Hair

Whether your little one was born with a head full of luxurious locks, or just a few light wisps of hair, you’ll need to pay special attention to caring for your baby’s hair! Baby hair is lightweight and fragile, and caring for it can be difficult at times. With the help of KeaBabies products, taking care of your little one’s hair is a breeze! 

Newborn hair can vary the most between babies! While some babies are born with a head full of thick hair, others are born with only a few tufts. Most babies are born somewhere in the middle: light patches of fine hair. Although rumor has it that women who experience a lot of heartburn during pregnancy produce babies with full heads of hair - unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of science to back this up. However, the amount of hair your little one is born with does seem to have a genetic component and is related to maternal hormones. Even so, there’s no way to predict how much hair your little one will have when she enters the world (although in late pregnancy, hair is visible on ultrasounds)! 

Baby Hairbrush for newborn

If your baby isn’t born with a lot of hair, don’t fret. Even babies born with a full head of hair are bound to lose it. Baby hair changes so much over the course of the first year. Newborns shed - they shed their skin, and they also are prone to shedding their hair. Again, this hair shedding seems to be tied to hormones, which is why many new moms will also start shedding their luxurious pregnancy hair. 

The good news? Baby hair grows back eventually! Baby hair can change color and texture over time. Curly hair can fall straight, and thick hair can thin out. Your child’s hair can change dramatically for the first several years of his life! 

KeaBabies Hairbrush for Newborn Care

 How should I care for my baby’s hair? 

  • Wash your baby’s hair - but not every day. Washing your baby’s hair daily can irritate her scalp and cause her hair to dry out. There really is no need to even bathe newborn babies every day. When you do bathe your baby, perhaps every other day, use gentle baby shampoo, rub it through your baby’s hair, and rinse thoroughly. 
  • Resist the urge to scrub your baby’s hair. Be as gentle as possible - being too aggressive with the scalp massage can cause hair loss or hair breakage. 
  • Use a gentle, baby-safe shampoo. It can be tough to bathe a squirming baby, and you’ll want to choose a shampoo that won’t irritate her eyes or face. 
  • Always use a soft bristle hairbrush or a comb when caring for baby hair. Other brushes may be too harsh on your baby’s head. The KeaBabies Baby Wooden Hairbrush And Comb Set is the perfect addition to any baby’s bathtime routine. The set comes with two brushes and a comb, to help you figure out what works best on your baby’s unique hair. All are made from quality wood and soft bristles. The goat bristle brush is useful for gently scrubbing scalp (especially when dealing with dry skin or cradle cap), and the bamboo bristle brush is helpful for gently massaging your baby’s head. Each brush and comb comes with a string loop so you can hang it on the wall! 
  • Use hair clips or headbands, but avoid hairstyles that tug on your baby’s fragile hair. The KeaBabies Baby Headbands And Bows Set For Girls come with ten adorable, comfortable, adjustable headbands that will keep your little girl’s hair protected and secure.
  • There’s no harm in cutting or trimming your baby’s hair. Be sure to save a few strands for the baby book! A great place to store your baby’s first locks is in the KeaBabies Baby Memory Book. The beautiful keepsake book gives you plenty of pages and space to record all your baby’s special moments! 

Hairbrush and Comb set

Infant's hair is so soft and beautiful, and it’s important to take special care of it. Caring for your little one’s hair can be simple and comfortable with the help of KeaBabies

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