KeaBabies Nursing Cover: Multifunctional Comfort and Style
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KeaBabies Nursing Cover: Multifunctional Comfort and Style

Like other products in the KeaBabies brand, the KeaBabies Nursing Cover is useful for more than just breastfeeding. Why carry around multiple gadge...

Like other products in the KeaBabies brand, the KeaBabies Nursing Cover is useful for more than just breastfeeding. Why carry around multiple gadgets and devices when you can have one product that serves many purposes! Free up some space in that diaper bag with the multifunctional KeaBabies Nursing Cover.

Of course, the KeaBabies Nursing Cover is ideal for breastfeeding mamas who need to feed baby on the go. It provides the perfect amount of comfort and style, comes in adorable prints, and is portable and fits easily in a diaper bag. Even though it is perfectly acceptable and wonderful to feed your baby wherever you are, many mommies prefer to be covered up while nursing in public. The KeaBabies Nursing Cover is the best breastfeeding companion and ensures 360-degree protection!

keababies nursing cover

Not only is the KeaBabies Nursing Cover perfect for breastfeeding while out and about, but it can also be used for a number of different things as well! Here are some of the best ways to use your KeaBabies Nursing Cover aside from a breastfeeding cover.

1. Car seat canopy

Protect your little one from unwelcome interaction by using the KeaBabies Nursing Cover as a car seat canopy! The world is full of germs and illnesses that you wouldn’t want near your newborn – using a car seat canopy can protect your sweet little baby’s developing immune system! Often times, strangers love to poke, prod, and tickle little babies – they are just so tiny and cute – but many parents don’t welcome this kind of attention. Babies are very susceptible to germs and viruses, and before they are old enough for vaccines, they are also unable to fight off bigger infections and diseases. Using a car seat canopy to drape over the infant seat is a great way to make sure strangers don’t touch your baby and expose him to germs! The material is stretchy and lightweight enough to make sure your baby won’t get overheated while covered in the seat.

carseat canopy

2. High chair cover

Around 5-7 months of age, most babies learn to sit up unassisted and are ready to eat purees and solid food. Letting your baby sit in a high chair at a restaurant is a fun, enriching experience for your little one! They will be excited to sit at the table and observe all the sights, sounds, and smells of the environment. Restaurant high chairs aren’t known for being the cleanest, though. Many parents prefer to bring along a cover for baby when using public high chairs. The KeaBabies Nursing Cover can stretch over the high chair to protect the baby from dirt and germs.

3. Stroller cover

The KeaBabies Nursing Cover can protect your baby from sun, wind, and unwanted interaction with strangers when used as a stroller cover. The KeaBabies Nursing Cover is the perfect size to stick in a diaper bag or underneath a stroller just in case! It is stretchy enough to fit over most infant car seats that click into strollers. Using the KeaBabies Nursing Cover on the stroller can help shield baby from pollen, wind, sun, and bugs!

keababies stroller cover

4. Shopping cart cover

Once baby can sit up unassisted, usually around 5-6 months old, he or she can sit comfortably in a shopping cart! Babies love to accompany their parents on shopping trips. It can be fun and rewarding to experience all the sights and sounds of different stores and be a “helper” to mommy and daddy! Help shield babies from nasty germs on public shopping carts by using the KeaBabies Nursing Cover as a shopping cart cover. It is lightweight and stretchy enough to fit over most shopping cart seats.

multi use cover

5. Infinity Scarf

The KeaBabies Nursing Cover can be used as a stylish infinity-style scarf. Perfect for chilly days, the luxuriously-soft breathable fabric of the KeaBabies Nursing Cover is great for keeping warm. The cover comes in three neutral, trendy prints, making it easy to pair with any outfit. Keep the KeaBabies Nursing Cover packed in your diaper bag or purse just in case the weather gets cold during the day!



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