Father’s Day Craft Ideas For The Whole Family
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Father’s Day Craft Ideas For The Whole Family

Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you need some last-minute gift ideas that are still extra special, read our blog post to get some great Father’s Day craft inspiration. 

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21 - just around the corner! This is a great time to celebrate those special dads in your life. Parenthood isn’t easy, and fathers put in as much work as mothers do - and they deserve to be recognized. If you’re in need of some last-minute Father’s Day crafts the whole family can make together, read on for some adorable ideas! 

KeaBabies Father's Day Ideas

1. “Hooked” On Daddy card

This cute craft can be done even with little babies! All you have to do is trace your child’s handprint onto a piece of orange construction paper, cut it out, and glue it onto blue cardstock or construction paper. Add googly eyes or draw eyes on the handprint to make it look like a fish swimming in the water. Create a fishing pole with a popsicle stick or stick from outside, some yarn or floss, and a few small pom-poms. Write “hooked on Daddy” at the top of the picture, and you’ve got yourself an adorable keepsake that showcases your baby’s adorable handprint! 

2. “Dad” tape painting

This is a great project for older babies, toddlers, and school-aged children. Get painter’s tape and tape out the letters “D-A-D” on a piece of cardstock or canvas. Then have your child paint all around the letters, filling the entire paper. It’s ok to get paint on the letters, as the tape will be removed once the paint is dry. Use multiple colors for a unique look! When the paint is completely dry, slowly remove the tape, and the word “Dad” will appear in crisp white letters!

3. “Walking In Daddy’s Footsteps” canvas 

KeaBabies Daddy's footsteps canvas

Grab a white canvas, and find one of your partner’s shoes. Paint the bottom of the shoe and “stamp” onto the canvas. When the paint is dry, pick a different color of paint and spread it over your baby’s foot. Stamp your baby’s footprint on top of his daddy’s shoe print. When the paint is dry, you can write “Walking in my Daddy’s shoes” on the painting. Make sure to include the date! This will be a cherished keepsake and you can see how much your little one grows throughout the years!

4. “D-A-D” photo collage 

This project makes an adorable photo collage! Find large wooden letters “A” and “D” at your local craft store, dress your child in her cutest outfit, and then take a picture with her holding each letter (two photos of letter D). Then print the photos and arrange in a line on a poster or in a collage frame. This project can be done even with a small baby, by taking the photo from above and setting each letter next to your little one. Or, if your baby can sit up well, have him sit up with the letter in his lap! This craft is also a good choice if you have multiple children - have each child take a turn holding a letter and striking a pose! 

5. My Dad “Rocks” 

KeaBabies My Dad Rocks gift in a box

Children love to paint, and toddlers and preschoolers can participate in a fun project with their older siblings by doing some creative rock painting. Simply pick a few rocks outside, grab some paint, and let your imagination soar! Assemble the rocks in a gift box, and write “My Dad Rocks” on the top. He’ll love to see the kids’ creativity shine - and the rocks make an excellent addition to your garden! 

6. Finger Painting Tie 

KeaBabies Daddy ties DIY gift

Cut out a tie shape on a piece of cardstock or white construction paper, and have your little one finger paint all over it to make a colorful design! Use child-safe paints that won’t stain or irritate your baby’s skin. You can use ribbon to make a necklace with the tie on the front, or you can glue the tie onto a card and have the little ones sign or draw a picture for Daddy! Your child can also use stickers, watercolor, or other items to decorate the tie!

KeaBabies Father's day Giveaway 2020

Here at KeaBabies, we support all the wonderful dads out there and the great work they do helping raise their children! We hope you take the time to participate in our Father’s Day Giveaway, which ends on June 20, 2020! We’ll be giving away three KeaBabies Explorer Bags! Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend with your families! 


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