Completing Your Baby’s OOTD With KeaBabies Bandana Bibs

Completing Your Baby’s OOTD With KeaBabies Bandana Bibs

Bandana bibs are the latest in baby fashion. They’re cute, absorbent, stylish, and comfortable for babies of all ages and stages! KeaBabies Bandana Bibs come in five wonderful collections, making it easy to pick a style that matches your baby’s ever-changing wardrobe.

KeaBabies Bandana Bibs come in five collections, each containing eight different bibs. Each set has unique patterns, colors, and styles. Here are the five collections in the KeaBabies Bandana Bibs line.

1. Adventurer

baby bandana bibs

The eight bibs in the Adventurer collection are perfect for a baby on the go! With themes that invoke images of travel, the sea, patriotism, and exploration, these bibs are ideal for babies with a sense of adventure. The blue bib with anchors looks adorable on babies during trips to the beach, lazy days by the pool, family cruises, or ferry rides. The blue bib with white stars and the white bib with black stars brings about feelings of patriotism and exploration. They also look great for holidays such as the Fourth of July. The bib with black and white stripes and the light blue bib with white triangles are more neutral patterns that match a variety of outfits. The blue bib with white arrows and the white bib with black arrows create a sense of adventure, exploration, and bravery. The muted tones of the bib with the KeaBabies logo pattern makes it easy to match a variety of colors and styles. Each of these bibs is perfect for your adventurous baby!

bandana drool bibs


2. Bold Bravery

baby bandana drool bibs

The Bold Bravery collection is a great addition to your little girl’s wardrobe. The bibs in this series embody courage, fearlessness, and confidence, with just a touch of femininity. These bright colors and bold patterns pair well with more neutral, lighter articles of clothing. These bibs make your little one look like a budding fashionista! The bib with the pink lips, the white bib with the black hearts, and the bib with the cursive “love” graphics embody feelings of affection, tenderness, friendship, and kindness. The bold geometric patterns of the white bib with gold circles and the pink and white bib show courage, bravery, and just a little bit of spunk! The bright pink KeaBabies logo bib looks adorable on babies who want to show off their love of the KeaBabies brand. The bib with the birds and the bib with the feathers portray feelings of nature, the outdoors, exploration, and love of animals. Each of the bibs in this collection is great for your mini fashionista!


3. Grayscape

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The Grayscape collection is the most gender-neutral set in the KeaBabies Bandana Bib line. Although the colors are muted tons of grays, blacks, and whites, the patterns are still bold and exciting! The soft, neutral colors make these bibs easy to pair with any outfit or occasion. They also look great on both boys and girls! The stars and stripes bib and the gray bib with white stars portray patriotism, pride, and loyalty. The four bold geometric patterns evoke feelings of courage, confidence, and edginess. These angular designs are great to pair with a variety of outfits. The gray bib with the clouds and the white bib with the feathers show an appreciation for earth and nature. These bold patterns are great for a baby with a strong personality! The neutral tons of this collection make these bibs simple to pair with any outfit in your baby’s closet.

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4. Pink Dreams

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The bibs in the Pink Dreams collection are perfect for your sweet little girl. The pastel pink and white colors make them easy to pair with a variety of outfits. The bibs in the Pink Dreams collection are soft and embody feelings of love and happiness. The airy, pastel pink KeaBabies logo bib is easy to match with any outfit in your sweet little girl’s wardrobe! The two pink bibs with white hearts and the white bib with gray hearts evoke feelings of love, joy, and friendship. The white bib with the arrow and lines pattern and the white bib with the small gray arrows resemble bravery and boldness. The two bibs with floral patterns are perfect for a baby who loves nature, the outdoors, gardens, and exploring! These light, earthy tones are a great accessory for your adorable little one.


5. Baby Boss

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The bold patterns in the Baby Boss collection are perfect for a baby with energy and confidence. The blacks, whites, and grays of this set make these bibs gender-neutral and easy to pair with any color or outfit style. These bibs look great on a baby who runs the show! The patterns in this collection include arrows, triangles, crosses, teepees, lines, and letters. These designs go well with bright, bold colors. Each bib in this set makes it easy for your little one to look cool and trendy at all times!

Whether your baby’s wardrobe consists of light pinks and purples, bright bold shades of blue and red, fun shades of fuchsia and yellow, baby blues and pastel pinks, or muted tones of grays and whites, there’s a KeaBabies Bandana Bib collection to pair perfectly with any outfit!  

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