Spice up your Halloween party with activities that allows family bonding and fun for the kids with the following activities!

#1 Witch Hat Toss

Create a simple yet fun carnival ring toss game at home for the kids! decorate some cones into witch hats and start the tossing game during the witching hour! Whoever tosses in the most rings will be crowned the most powerful witch/ghost!

This helps the kids in their physical development while having a fun competition among them! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

#2 Halloween knockdown can game

Dress up a few empty cans into halloween characters. Knock down as many characters as possible! Kids from 3 - 12 years old are going to have wonderful smashing fun! Split the kids into smaller groups of 3, each of them gets 3 throws each, whichever team knocks down the most number of cans wins!

This game greatly promotes teamwork and friendships! 😊

#3 Host a Halloween horror movie night

Watch a Halloween movie together as a family or with your guests, movies like Casper, Monster House, The Addams Family etc are suitable even for kids.
Have a little family and friends bonding session over a Halloween movie! πŸ’•

#4 DIY Printable Halloween Mask

Have a Halloween Mask coloring session for the kids, make printable Halloween masks for the little ones to choose from for a coloring session. The kids will sure to have a good coloring session and a fun time wearing the masks they customized.
Unleash the creativity of every child by making it into a friendly competition, whoever designs the most colorful or creative mask wins! πŸ€–

  • Oct 16, 2018
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