3 Ways My Son Teaches Me About Living
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3 Ways My Son Teaches Me About Living

Viewing the world from their perspective is always refreshing because it brings me back to what truly matters. Plus, some of what they do is pretty darn cute and hilarious. Here are 3 things I observed. 

Kids are interesting, aren't they? When I take off my adult lens and get on my son's level, it's mostly like living in another world. I believe children teach us more than we teach them. Viewing the world from their perspective is always refreshing because it brings me back to what truly matters. Plus, some of what they do is pretty darn cute and hilarious. Here are 3 things I observed. 

High Energy

living with a toddler

These days my little one is super cute in the mornings. He's 17 months old now, but about 2 months ago, I noticed when he wakes up, he stays in bed with us to, well… hangout. Before this change, he woke up and immediately busied himself with playing. After spending quality AM time with us now, he hops off the bed with go, GO, GOOOO! in mind. Aside from naps, he's always on the move! He often doesn't sit through screen time either - he watches, moves, and repeat. 

I can't help but wonder about his endless enthusiasm for life. He's passionate about always moving with seemingly boundless energy. It makes me think about why most of us as adults get so tired. Our lifestyles, habits, work, responsibilities, and other adult-themed matters slow us down. My son inspires me to change the elements in my life that zap me of high energy and a lust for living. 

What Feels Good

lessons about life with kids

 Kids are notorious for many things and doing what feels good is one of them. There are definitely boundaries to teach my son about always going for what feels good versus what challenges him, but for the most part, it's a reminder that as adults, we often box ourselves into choosing what doesn't feel good. Why? 

Again, the list of adult based to-dos hinders us from choosing what feels oh-so-good. I don't mean just choosing things like dessert, wine, or going out. For me, what also feels good is meditation, exercise, drinking water, not rushing through tasks, reducing multitasking where possible, eating healthy, thinking positively, and taking more breaks from working. 

We have to do more things that nurture our full well-being because our children will imitate us. The cycle of choosing duties over overall health will most likely continue in our kids if we don't at least try to focus more on balance. Society tells us to choose martyrdom, but there's a more balanced approach if we opt for it.


learning new things with kids

Learning is growing. Growing is one of the foundational pieces of life. When we stop growing, we're no longer living. Even after that, our bodies transform, and what happens to our soul and spirit depends on your belief system. 

My son reminds me to keep learning. It can be tough to try new things the older you get. We're told our brains aren't as good at learning new things as we get older, so it's no wonder we get set in our ways. I agree it can be more difficult, but why let that stop us? 

I don't remember learning how to crawl, walk, or talk, but watching my son do it? I can see how hard it can be! I watch him get frustrated several times a day, but he keeps trying anyway. We expect children to learn all these things, but we have to hold ourselves accountable to the growth process, too. If our kids see us looking for ways to evolve, it'll instill in them to do the same. 

I recently took on a new career direction. It's been hard teaching my brain something new, but like my son, I get up every day and practice. Where I was at the beginning of the program is vastly different than now. It doesn't fully feel like an alien language anymore. There's still more to learn and it's hard sometimes to see how much more there is, but our children don't look ahead at life think, "Oh, I have 60 or more years of this? No thank you!" Instead, they just keep moving. 

Kids Do The Darndest Things

I ask myself here and there if I could have gained so much perspective if I didn't have my son. I don't believe so, which makes being a parent a real gift. Being a mother comes with its challenges, but those tough moments are ALWAYS lessons in disguise. 

When my son won't settle down? It's a reminder he's just got the energy to move. When he wants to peel all the bananas and oranges? He's just doing what feels good! When he never gives up? He's just practicing one of the laws of nature, which is to keep growing. What have you learned about life from observing your child? 


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