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Keababies Bath Toy Organizer

At Keababies, we know that the hooks are one of the essential part in order for our bathtoy organizer to work, thus we have explored many options to find the perfect hooks for our customers.

We are also very particular about the quality and suction power of our hooks, making sure that our hooks will definitely work. Other than the usual 2 suction hooks, we also provide 2 3M stickers for extra adhesive on smooth / slightly textured wall. If that still doesnt work, we provide 2 additional square hooks which work even better compared to the usual hooks for extra adhesive on porous walls.

Why do Keababies use Polyester?

  • Polyester fibers are extremely strong, so the bath toy holder will not break easily.
  • Durable, resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant.
  • Hydrophobic in nature and quick drying, this helps to drain the water collected more efficiently too.
  • Retains its shape, so you do not have to worry that the bath toy organizer going out of shape.
  • It is easily washed and dried. Simply Machine wash and tumble dry low

Multiple ways of Usage

  • Car organizer: to hold tech devices, magazines etc, attached to the back of the front seat with car hooks
  • Travel/packing: travelling necessities, toiletries, make up etc in the hotel rooms attached to a hanger.
  • Anywhere else in the house: soiled clothes for washing, fashion accessories, ties etc.

Cultivating a Good Habit

A habit is cultivated through daily repetition of an action, and while babies/toddlers pick up habits really fast, Keababies quick drying mesh design bathtub organizer enables your child to have fun in the bathroom and keeping their toys after playing every time they take a bath. This subconsciously educates them the importance of organization.

  • 🛁 LONG LASTING - Extra durable, molds and smell resistant polyester mesh net that will not rip and fall apart. Mesh design allows the air to circulate through the caddy keeping your kids toys nice and dry and mold free
  • 🛁 NO MORE MESSY BATHROOM - Designed in such a way that it has multi-pockets and can be hooked on walls, Keababies bathtub organizer hold toys and other toilet necessities keeping you bath room clean, dry and mess free.
  • 🛁 EXTRA ADHESIVE - worry that the lock tight suction hooks do not hold well on your toilet walls? Fret not! other than 2 suctions hooks which are reuseable, Keababies included 2 3M stickers, guaranteed to keep the white mesh net up even on textured walls.
  • 🛁 GUARANTEED EVEN STRONGER HOOKS - Keababies included 2 extra square hooks which are proven to have the best holding power, guarantee to stick and stay on smooth or porous walls. With these hooks, parents do not need to worry about the bathtoy organizer dropping constantly in the middle of the night, waking your child.
  • 🛁 Cultivate Good Habits Everyday - Keababies bathtub organizer creates opportunities for your little one to learn how to keep his / her toys after each bath session, encouraging your little one to organize their toys everyday, cultivating a good habit as well as imparting them the importance of organization in their lives.

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