Baby Thermometer - K500x BabyThermo

Baby Thermometer - K500x BabyThermo

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DrKea K500x BabyThermo

The #1 Essential Home Care Kit For Your Family!

We understand the anxieties and worries that you face when your child is sick. It can be very exhausting to constantly to monitor your sick baby's temperature. We feel you! That is why, we designed DrKea K500x BabyThermo to save you all the hassle of monitoring your baby's temperature. Comes with Tri-Mode Functions for the ultimate convenience! Measures Ear, Forehead and Room/Milk Bottle Temperature.

New & Improved Sensor Probe Technology
Optimised Temperature Calibration
Highly Accurate & Fast Readings
Highly Recommended By Family Doctors & Paediatricians

    Professional Care Made Easy

    At DrKea, we bring professional healthcare to the comfort of your homes. All our healthcare products go through stringent quality control checks to ensure its accuracy and reliability. Trusted by doctors and physicians.

    Fast Reading

    Monitoring temperature with an oral/ digital thermometer will not be easy with a struggling or crying baby as the readings take too long to show.

    DrKea Tips: With DrKea K500x BabyThermo, simply select the modes with the "MODE" button and hold the "ON" button for 2-3 seconds before registering fast and reliable reading. Comes with fever color indicator as well.

    Easy To Use

    Tried and tested by doctors and paediatricians to be clinically accurate.

    DrKea Tips: 

    Forehead/Temporal: Slide Thermometer Probe With Cover across the forehead while holding the "ON" button for 2-3 seconds.

    Ear: Remove Probe Cover and place Probe inside ear canal. Hold "ON" Button for 2-3 seconds. Suitable for babies 3 months and above only.

    Silent Mode & LED Backlit

    Thoughtfully designed with Silent Mode & LED backlit, ensures that your baby does not get awaken by the beeping sounds or bright lights at night. No more fussy crying babies!

    DrKea Tips: A forehead (temporal) scanner is usually 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature. An ear (tympanic) temperature is 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) higher than an oral temperature.

    Compact & Portable

    Lightweight and compact, DrKea+ K500x BabyThermo fits easily inside backpacks, purses, or luggages. Perfect for travelling, and take it with you wherever you go.

    Package includes: 2 x AAA batteries. Storage bag to keep your thermometer clean.

    The Perfect Home Care Kit For The Whole Family

    Taking temperature with an oral or armpit thermometer will not be easy with a struggling toddler/kid or a crying baby as the readings take too long to show. After finally putting baby to sleep, the beeping sound wakes your child and all your efforts are wasted!

    We understand the anxieties and worries that you face when your child is sick. It can be very exhausting to constantly to monitor your sick baby's temperature. We feel you!

    Why DrKea Ear and Forehead Fever Thermometer?

    • Large Display & Buttons: See readings clearly, elderly friendly design.
    • Silent Mode: Stay in ninja mode when taking temperature of a sleeping baby or toddler.
    • Color Warning Guidance: Red indication when there is fever and green when temperature is normal.
    • Easy To Use: Toggle between modes, Fareiheit and Degree Celsius Readings easily.
    • Secured Probe Cover: Prevent Probe Cover from going falling off and going missing.
    • Room Thermometer: Ensure that baby is sleeping in a comfortable room temperature for baby's well-being. Use this function to measure baby's milk bottle temperature for the perfect feed.
    • Memory Function: Save up to 20 readings
    • Mom's Choice: Trusted by mommies for its baby-focused functions to be the best baby care kit.
    • Recommended By Doctor: Our Baby Thermometer is clinically tested and recommended by Doctors.
    • ACCURATE & RELIABLE - Our highly reliable and accurate ear and forehead thermometer gives you a fast 1-second reading of your babys temperature. Our tri-mode advance infrared thermometers are built to give you an ease of mind. Highly recommended by Pediatricians and Medical Professionals for it's reliability and easy to use functions.
    • EASY TO USE - Our Baby Thermometer is best suited for home use, with no complicated set up, just use it upon opening. Toggle between ear, forehead and room temperature with just 1 button, and clear icon indication to show you the function selected. Switch between Farenheit and Degree Celsius Readings easily by holding the "MEM" button for 3 seconds.
    • MONITOR BABY'S FEVER EASILY - We understand that monitoring your baby's fever can be very exhausting with a fussy and crying baby, that is why, we use the ear and forehead function to take quick readings without making baby uncomfortable with oral or armpit thermometers.
    • LET YOUR CHILD SLEEP PEACEFULLY - Just when you have finally put your fussy baby down to sleep, the silent mode function will ensure that you can still monitor your sick baby without waking him/her up. Unlike other thermometers that will only keep beeping with fever indication, our thermometers show Color Indication as well for fever warning.
    • TRI-MODE FUNCTION - Measure the forehead, ear and room temperature with just 1 thermometer. Open the gray cover to use the ear mode function.