ADORE Baby Handprint Keepsake Ornament (Glaze Finish)

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Happiness is Homemade

DIY Your Very Own Memorable Baby Handprint & Footprint Ornament

From the first moment you set eyes on your child, they steal your heart and bring so much happiness. Those little feet make the biggest footprints in your heart. Hold on to the tiny moments and cherish the little snuggles, as they grow up so fast. Capture those precious moments in your very own DIY ADORE Baby Handprint and Footprint Ornament Kit.

Comes with everything you need to create your personalized newborn imprint ornaments.

personalized ornament for baby

All-in-1 Complete Ornament Making Set
Personalized Alphabet Letters Kit and Paint Set
Perfect for Gifting
Plastic O-ring Size: 4.1" (Dia) x 0.4" (W)
Heart-shaped ring size: 5.2" (H) x 5.4" (L) x 0.4" (W)

DIY Baby ornament

Create Wonderful Moments Together

Our mission is to inspire modern parents to build strong parent-child bonds and create wonderful moments together. We believe that through strong parent-child bonds, parents can create a loving & inspiring environment to nurture their child's full potential.

Keepsake handprint and footprint ornament

Make Baby's First Christmas Memorable

A DIY handmade gift filled with love and heart-felt blessings touches the heart like no other. Surprise your loved ones with this meaningful and memorable handprint and footprint imprint ornament gift. Let your baby's first Christmas milestone spark memories of joy and happiness in years to come.

KeaBabies Tip: Pack each ornament in the organza bags provided and hang it on your Christmas tree. Surprise grandparents with cute grandbaby handprint and footprint ornament keepsake gifts.

Baby clay ornament

Best Baby Gift Filled With Love

Having a new bundle of joy is a celebration filled with love and happiness. Excite new parents with our ADORE Baby Handprint and Footprint Ornament Kit. They are bound to love this cute and thoughtful gift. It is definitely the perfect gift to capture the most precious moments.

KeaBabies Tips:  Line the name and date before working on the clay. Ensure that the clay is COMPLETELY DRY (after 4 days) before painting on it.

baby safe ornament

Preserve The Best Moments

As a parent, you only wish the best for your child. Let your heartfelt blessings be etched in your and your baby’s memories in the years to come, and reminisce about the sweet memories when you look upon your ADORE Handprint and Footprint Keepsake Kit when your little one is not so little anymore.

KeaBabies Tip: Write your blessings and wishes for your little one on the back of the ornament with paint or marker.

All in 1 Baby Keepsake kit

All-in-1 Personalized Baby Handprint Ornament


2 packs of air-dry, baby-safe clay
2 shaping frames (round and heart) and roller and 2 working mats
Alphabets imprint kit and glaze finish paint set with paint brush
6 satin ribbons, 2 twine ropes and 2 black easels
2 organza bags
Step-by-step illustrated instruction manual and video

Hanging ornament by KeaBabies

Heartfelt Adoration, Profound wonderment

Cherish the precious memories, for it’s all about the moments and the memories that are shared. Be it commemorating your first child, or celebrating a milestone, nothing gets to the heart of the moments that truly matter like your ADORE Baby Handprint and Footprint Keepsake Ornament.

KeaBabies Tip: Make a new ornament every month for your baby's first 6 months. Mark out the baby's growing milestones as you watch them grow.

High quality Clay kit

100% Baby Safe & High Quality Clay

Your baby's safety is our top priority. We ensure that each and every element of our product that comes into contact with your baby is 100% baby-safe. We know that this handprint and footprint keepsake frame is going to be one of the most important memories for your family. Keeping it looking perfect, and lasting for many years is as important to us. Through multiple testings and research, we have come up with a product that meets stringent criteria, to give you only the best.

KeaBabies Tips: Spread out the clay slowly. Ensure that it is wrinkle-free, to prevent cracks. Keep a small portion of clay in an air-tight container to patch up afterwards. Add olive oil to the clay if you find it too hard to knead. Leave the clay to dry for at least 4 days. Ensure that it is completely DRY before framing.

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  • All-in-1 Baby Ornament Kit - Our Baby Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit Set comes with everything you need to complete your DIY baby's first Christmas ornament. You get: 2 packs of air-dry clay, 2 cute shaping frames (Round and Heart-shaped), 2 working mats and 1 rolling pin, 1 set of alphabet stamps, 1 glaze finish paint with paint brush, 6 satin ribbons, 2 twine ropes, 2 beautiful Christmas organza gift bags, 2 modern display easels and a step-by-step illustrated instruction manual.
  • Personalized Imprint Ornament – Personalize each ornament with your baby's name using the alphabet kit. Customize and decorate your baby’s handprint and footprint imprint ornament with our glaze finish  paint and paint brush. Accessorize your baby’s handprint and footprint ornament with the beautiful ribbons or ropes provided. Create a special and memorable baby's first Christmas milestone keepsake.
  • Premium Grade, Baby Safe Air Dry Clay - We use the best-quality air dry clay which is certified to be food grade and baby safe for newborns. Our premium grade clay dries and hardens without cracks, giving you a beautiful smooth matte finish which you can paint on easily. Our Baby Handprint Ornament for Newborn Imprint is simple to create and lasts a lifetime.
  • Best Baby Gift – Our Baby Handprint and Footprint Ornament Kit Set is a thoughtful and useful gift for new parents, making it one of the most popular baby shower gifts or Christmas gifts for newborn babies, new moms and dads. The finished Newborn Baby Ornaments also make wonderful Father’s Day gifts, new mom gifts, grandpa gifts, grandma gifts, baby gifts, holiday gifts and more!
  • Cute Hanging Baby Ornament for Christmas - Adorn your Christmas tree with your personalized, cute little handprint and footprint ornaments, or greet your guests and loved ones with surprises when they visit your homes this Christmas. Display the ornament around the house or in your baby’s room after Christmas. Preserve your baby’s handprint and footprint as a heirloom or a keepsake to treasure as you watch your baby grow.