2-Pack Hand & Footprints Inkless Ink Pads (Ruby)

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Savor The Moments and Preserve Baby's Growing Milestones

Premium Clean Touch Ink Pads

Have a newborn in the family? Congratulations! The first 6 months of your baby's life are so tender and precious. These happy and precious moments fly by really fast. We are sure you wouldn't want to miss capturing these cute little hand and footprints as memory keepsakes.

Capture these cute little handprints and footprints and mark your baby's growing milestones with our Baby Handprint and Footprint Inkless Ink Pad Kits. It's so easy to use and takes less than a minute to create your very own unique newborn baby keepsakes.

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What's Inside:
2 Pack Inkless Clean Touch Ink Pad
8 x 250 GSM Art Cards
Illustrated Step-by-step Instruction Manual and Video

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Create Wonderful Moments Together

Our mission is to inspire modern parents to build strong parent-child bonds and create wonderful moments together. We believe that through strong parent-child bonds, parents can create a loving & inspiring environment to nurture their child's full potential.

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Exquisite Hand & Foot Print Keepsakes That Lasts A Lifetime

Not all things last forever, but there are some things that do. Stop wasting time on bad quality keepsakes. We understand how much these little keepsakes mean to you. That is why we formulated the best ink composition together with high-quality film, to ensure that every detail of your baby's hand and foot imprints will turn out looking perfect.

Let these precious memories warm you up from the inside when you look back at them.

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100% Baby Safe Clean Touch Ink

Our Baby Handprint and Footprint Ink Pad Kit is certified to be safe for newborns and leaves no residues on your baby's hands or feet. It is mess-free and easy to use for anyone, even beginners who have never tried any DIY art before.

KeaBabies Tip: Align art card with ink pad before preparing your baby for the stamping.

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Preserve Growing Milestone

You will come to miss these cute tiny hands and feet in a few months' time. Why not capture them on paper? Use our Baby Handprint and Footprint Ink Pad Kit directly on your baby's first year memory book to record your baby's first 6 months’ growing milestones.

KeaBabies Tip: Record your baby's hand and foot size on a growth chart for the first 6 months; you'll be pleasantly amazed when you look back at it. Showcase this creative and cute growth chart at your baby's first birthday party.

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Select The Best Prints

We know that everyone has different preferences over which shade of ink print is better. That's why we provide you with 8 pieces of high quality 250GSM art card for you to print on and choose the best for your display.

KeaBabies Tip: Use the extra pieces of imprinted cards for your baby journal, letters to loved ones or photo frame.

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Some Ideas For You

Baby Photo Frame: Display your baby's handprints and footprints on a photo frame. Preserve those cute tiny moments. Makes a great display for your living spaces.

Baby Memory Book: Record your baby's first hand and footprints in your baby's journal. Check out our KeaBabies Baby First Years Memory Book below.

Newborn Announcement: Convert your baby's handprints and footprints into digital prints and include them on your newborn announcement cards. Get creative!

Enclose in Letters to Loved Ones: A personalized handprint and footprint would touch the heart like no other. Let your loved ones feel the warmth and joy of your little one's arrival even when they are not by your side.


  • No Mess, No Residue - Designed to create your baby's hand and footprints, keepsake ink without leaving ink residue on your baby’s hands and feet. Our clean touch ink pads use a “zero ink contact” imprinting method to allow beautiful stamping of your baby’s hands and feet on art cards, memory book journals and other paper-based baby keepsakes.
  • 100% Baby Safe, Certified - Although we use clean touch ink pads, we ensure that the inks we use in our baby ink pad kit are lab-tested and certified to be 100% safe for your baby.
  • Premium Quality Ink and Imprint Film - Quality of completed imprints depends heavily on the quality of the ink and film used on every ink pad. We formulated the best ink composition together with high quality film to ensure that every detail of your baby's hand and feet imprints will turn out looking perfect!
  • Perfect Ink Pad Size - Our Baby Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads are sized at 3.2” by 5” with an ink window of 2.3” by 3.7”. It’s the perfect size for your newborn baby’s 0-6 months hand and footprints or your fur baby’s paw prints. Keep track of their growth milestones with our Baby Handprint and Footprint Ink Pad Kits. They are so easy to use and it takes less than a minute to create these precious newborn baby keepsakes.
  • 8 x 250GSM Art Cards - Your little one is perfect; so are their hand and footprints. Use the additional art cards to stamp multiple hand, foot or paw prints. Choose the best artwork for your desired displays. Refer to our step-by-step instruction manual on how you can achieve the best results.