Pregnancy Support PACKAGE
(MAternity Support Belt + Postpartum Recovery Belt)

Our Pregnancy Support Bundle is perfect for all moms going into their 3rd trimester. The Maternity Support Belt helps provide the optimal support for your growing belly. The Postpartum Recovery Belt helps to get back in shape in no time after giving birth. 

"The maternity belt helped me with the belly weight and prevented my belly button hernia from hurting. I am absolutely in love how supportive and comfortable this maternity belt is. These postpartum belts are so comfortable, makes my back pain go away and helps in making me get back in shape quicker. They are so stretchy and beautifully packaged as well. Definitely recommend both products!"

Why KeaBabies Pregnancy Support Package

360 Ergonomic Support - Our Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy is designed to help evenly distribute weight around your hip and pelvis, to provide optimum support for your pregnancy belly. Helps to support your abdominal muscles during pregnancy and postpartum.

Ease Pregnancy Pains - Designed to provide gentle compression around your hips, the Pregnancy Maternity Belt will correct your posture to ease lower back pains, pelvic floor pains and round ligament pains. Gives you more comfort and confidence to face the day!

Soft & Breathable - Our 3-in-1 Postpartum Belly Wrap is made to be soft to touch without causing skin irritation. Using breathable and elastic mesh, it contours perfectly around your body with maximum comfort. Wearing a layer under the belly band is highly recommended.

Shrinking Of Tummy - Your body has just carried a miracle and it's time to get back in shape. Our Postpartum Belt helps to tuck your stomach in, which helps to shrink your womb back to pre-pregnancy size, while supporting your other organs to realign back to their pre-pregnancy state.

Optimum Back Support - Carrying your baby for nine months, will cause a strain to your back. Our KeaBabies Belly Wrap can help support your back, reduce backaches and help you to maintain good posture while breastfeeding your baby.

Pelvic Support - Whether you go through vaginal birth or C-section, your pelvis has widened to get you ready for labor. Use the pelvis band to get your pelvis back in shape. You may use it as a pregnancy belly band to support your heavy belly as well.
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