Motherhood is the greatest journey in life. This Maternity Essential is carefully curated to help all mummies to get back in shape in no time as well as to provide comfort all day long while they are going through their breastfeeding journey. The gift of breast milk is the best gift for your baby! 

"This is the perfect maternity gift! These postpartum belts are lightweight, soft, very comfortable and adjustable... at a terrific price. There is also a very detailed instruction book that tells you exactly how to use them. The nursing pads are so soft and thick and absorbs really well. They even come with a wash bag so that the nursing pads wouldn't go missing in the washing machine.  Highly recommend to all mummies!"

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  • Soft, Lightweight & Comfortable
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KeaBabies Maternity Essentials

We are amazed by how our bodies actually carried a miracle for nine months, enduring all the massive changes internally, physically and emotionally. The emotional rollercoaster — tiredness and breastfeeding pains that you have to go through during postpartum. Your body has stretched out and strained; it's time to pamper it! 

With KeaBabies Postpartum Recovery Support Belt, it is soft and breathable, making it suitable for use day and night. It also has an adjustable elastic belt so that it's easy to put on and readjust. Last but not least, it is firm and stretchable to provide the optimum support so as to realign your body. 

Our Organic Bamboo Breast Pads are ultra-soft and super-absorbent for maximum absorption to ensure no leakage for comfort all day long. They are organic and safe for your baby to latch on anytime, anywhere. Lastly, our nursing pads are machine washable and comes with a wash bag. No more worries about losing a pad!

Why KeaBabies Maternity Essentials

Super Absorbent -
Total of 4 layers, 3 layers of ultra-absorbent bamboo backed with a waterproof layer to prevent leakages! For super heavy flow, please bring an extra set of nursing pads to change after 5-6 hours.

Organic Bamboo - Safe for babies to latch on after use. Organic Bamboo is the softest and most absorbent fabric that we have to offer, giving the best comfort for your sore nipples all day long!

Soft & Breathable - Our 3-in-1 Postpartum Belly Wrap is made to be soft to touch without causing skin irritation. Using breathable and elastic mesh, it contours perfectly around your body with maximum comfort. Wearing a layer under the belly band is highly recommended.

Shrinking Of Tummy - Your body has just carried a miracle and it's time to get back in shape. Our Postpartum Belt helps to tuck your stomach in, which helps to shrink your womb back to pre-pregnancy size, while supporting your other organs to realign back to their pre-pregnancy state.

Optimum Back Support - Carrying your baby for nine months, will cause a strain to your back. Our KeaBabies Belly Wrap can help support your back, reduce backaches and help you to maintain good posture while breastfeeding your baby.

Pelvic Support - Whether you go through vaginal birth or C-section, your pelvis has widened to get you ready for labor. Use the pelvis band to get your pelvis back in shape. You may use it as a pregnancy belly band to support your heavy belly as well.
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