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"...I thought it was going to be difficult to use but I was surprise on how easy it was to use it, no mess. Everything you need it is included in the box. A good memory plus decor. It's also a great gift for baby shower. I will totally buy it again for my baby’s 1st year."

  • 100% safe for newborn
  • Clean touch and mess free!
  • Premium quality ink and wooden photo frame with glass
  • Perfect baby shower gift with gift box

Having a baby is the most precious gift from heaven. You're blessed with a wonderful miracle, a darling little one to love and cherish. These little feet leaves the biggest footprints in our hearts. These little hands hold our hands for just a little while but hold our hearts forever.

Let KeaBabies be there for you, to preserve these adorable little hand and foot prints. Let us reminisce these precious memories in many years to come...

Why KeaBabies Baby Handprint Keepsake Frame + Inkless Footprint Pad?

CREATE WONDERFUL MOMENTS - Making this Baby Nursery Keepsake Kit requires patience and love. We're sure these precious moments together with your little one will be leave a lasting memory for you and your family. Take it slow and enjoy every cute moment while completing this Keepsake Photo Frame together as a family!

PREMIUM QUALITY - We use only 100% glass cover, to ensure that your Baby Keepsake Photo Frame looks as good as new even after many years later. Our premium wooden photo frame feels solid and stable, complimenting your home decorations nicely. The inks we use in our baby ink pad kit are Lab-tested and certified to be 100% safe for your baby.

FOOD-GRADE CLAY, 100% BABY SAFE - Safe for your precious newborn. Your Baby Keepsake Photo Frame will look perfect even after years to come.

NO MESS, NO RESIDUE - Designed to create your baby's hand and foot prints keepsake ink without leaving ink residue on your baby’s hands and feet. Our inkiness clean touch ink pads uses “zero ink contact” imprinting method to allow beautiful stamping of your baby’s hand and foot on art cards, memory book journals and other paper-based baby keepsakes.

8 x 250GSM ART CARDS - Your little one is perfect, so are their hand and foot prints. Use the additional art cards to stamp multiple hand, foot or paw print. Choose the best art work for your desired displays. Refer to our step-by-step instruction manual on how you can achieve the best results.