"Ithink the hardest part about parenthood is the doubt. As a parent you doubt if you’re doing enough, if you provide enough, if you loves them enough. Doubt can make you feel less of a parent but in reality you’re doing your best and your little ones love you regardless."

"Having a newborn is different for every single person. No one ever has the same story. Right after I gave birth to my daughter, my husband had to finish a school all the way across the country. So, for the first month it was just me and my daughter."

"As soon as my children were born, I was filled with happiness and euphoria, and still am. And I am sure it will be so all my life. I was born to be a mother. Being a mom brings me a lot of joy."

"The biggest struggle was making sure that I was eating and drinking enough water to keep up my milk production since I was breastfeeding."

"Both of my pregnancies were really tough. With my first I was considered high risk and hospitalized several times. My placenta ruptured at 27 weeks."