Baby KEEPSAKE Package 
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"... A great activity to do as a family. Easy instructions with minimal clean up afterwards. Makes me want to have another baby just to get that fresh newborn print. You can make it special by personalizing it.

The memory book is so simple, easy and put together well. Love the binding. Beautiful illustrations. I like all the holiday firsts and firsts in general. Also I must add how I love that it is gender neutral. You wouldn't even notice that it is and I love that even more."

  • 100% Safe for Newborns: Food-grade high-quality clay that lasts.
  • 9.3" by 9.3" Quality Hard Cover, Bind with Metal Coil
  • Premium wooden photo frame with glass
  • Comes with Keepsake Envelope with String Closure and Gift Box

KeaBabies Baby Keepsake Package

Having a baby is the most precious gift from heaven. You're blessed with a wonderful miracle; a darling little one to love and cherish. These little feet leave the biggest footprints in our hearts. These little hands hold our hands for just a little while but hold our hearts forever. 

Watching your baby grow, fills your heart with so much love and joy. This little being makes your existence matter. You are their world and they become yours. Let your most precious memories be kept in your Wonderland Keepsake Baby Memory Book. Because the best part about these memories is creating them with your precious little one.

Why KeaBabies Baby Keepsake Package

Ideal Baby Shower Gift - If you are looking for a baby shower gift and don't know what to get, this is it! Get a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime and capture those cute memories. This Baby Handprint Keepsake Kit comes with everything you need; no additional purchase required to complete this beautiful Baby Handprint Art Picture Frame.

90 Guide You Through Pages - Our Baby Memory Book provides simple prompts to remind you of baby’s milestones and firsts. We cover every important moments through your baby’s growing years with just the right details and memories. You’ll find it super easy to complete your Baby First Years Memory Journal Book.

Premium Quality - We use only 100% glass to ensure that your Baby Keepsake Photo Frame looks as good as new even after many years. Our premium wooden photo frame feels solid and stable, complementing your home decor nicely.

Food-Grade Clay, 100% Safe -
Safe for your precious newborn. Your Baby Keepsake Photo Frame will look perfect after years to come.

Story-Like Journal - Share your baby’s journey through a story-like journal. Let your child take center-stage in his/her own diary. Read these special memories together with your baby as he/she grows up. Creative story-telling engages your child in better brain development.

For All Modern Family Types - We made this keepsake memory journal book to be usable for all family types: ADOPTIVE / LGBT / SINGLE PARENT / FAMILY FRIEND. We use careful selection of words with an open impression of a first person point of view.

Keepsake Envelope -
Keep all your baby’s special little keepsake inside this Keepsake Envelope. Sized at 5.7” by 5.7” and comes with a string closure to ensure everything is kept safe without falling. Store special little things like lock of hair, hospital bands, heirloom jewelries and so much more!