Before you have a baby, you’ll likely be doing a lot of shopping to make sure you’re all prepared for your little one’s arrival. Once you’ve got all your baby’s sleep essentials, wardrobe, and diapers out of the way, don’t forget to purchase some bath time basics!
Bath time is so much fun for little ones - but you’ll want to be careful that those toys get clean, too! Read on for the latest tips and advice for keeping those beloved bath toys squeaky clean.
During the first year of life, your baby's skin is actually quite different than yours. It’s more soft and pristine of course, but there are actual anatomical differences between their skin and ours. Their skin is reasonably more sensitive because it is much thinner.

Whether your little one was born with a head full of luxurious locks, or just a few light wisps of hair, you’ll need to pay special attention to caring for your baby’s hair! With the help of KeaBabies products, taking care of your little one’s hair is a breeze! 


During this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vitally important to practice good hand washing hygiene to protect you and your little ones! Keep your hands and your baby’s hands clean and dry with the ultra-soft KeaBabies Washcloths!

This can be a challenging time for parents and children alike. Click here for information on how you can balance positivity with realism with your young children during this crisis.
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